Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YPS Rebuilding Day Energizer: Collete Ketola

On Saturday, August 14th, the RTS Young Professionals Society completed their first rebuilding day. What a success it was!! The homeowner was so sweet and appreciative and the volunteers had a great time! Project Leader, John Hanks from Swinerton Builders (whose foundation's grant award made the rebuild day possible), selected Collete as the RTS Energizer!

"At YPS Rebuild Day, Collete demonstrated her amazing work ethic and commitment to quality work," John said. "She worked hard all day and stayed until the very end, so she could put the finishing touches on the new paint and help with clean-up."

Thank you, Collete, for your hard work and committed spirit!

"I am not even sure what to say! John deserves a very big thanks for all the work he did on Saturday and for all the planning before and for finishing up on Sunday," Collete said. "I think it was a great day- the homeowner and her son were such great people and so kind and gracious. I look forward to future opportunities with YPS to serve the Seattle area."

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