Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cartwheel for a Cause!

RTS Board Member, Brooke Sullivan, has entered a video competition in an attempt to win $5,000 for RTS!  Verity Credit Union's "Verity Mom" has a contest where a mom has to make a 60 second video highlighting their cause and then do a cartwheel.  The video is then submitted online and is voted on by the public.

Here's where you come in!

Go to the Verity Mom website and VOTE FOR BROOKE, contestant #4!!  It will take 30 seconds to scroll to the right hand side of the page and click Brooke's name and VOTE!!

YOU could help RTS win $5,000!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New SRD Sponsor (Tuesday Sponsor Highlight): The CWD Group, Inc.

Rebuilding Together Seattle is excited to announce a new Spring Rebuilding Day sponsor:

"The CWD Group has long looked for an organization and an event into which we can put volunteer energies," said Marshall Johnson, President and CEO of The CWD Group.  "After working with large communities and Boards of Directors, with Rebuilding Together Seattle we can focus our efforts and talents on assisting individuals. The opportunity to make a difference and see the impact of our efforts was a strong draw to our team, and we look forward to helping to further Rebuilding Together Seattle’s goal of independent living for Seattle’s disabled and elderly."

"Many people want to be involved in charitable activities that benefit those less-fortunate, but they’re unsure about the opportunities available," said Project Manager, Ryan Abeo. "I appreciate RTS as an organization for making it easy to step up and participate in something purposeful."

With a company of talented individuals whose focus is inspiring and building successful communities, it was important to balance the utilization of our skill sets in both professional and volunteer outlets to give back to our local communities," Sarah Anderson, Project Coordinator, emphasized.  "I am looking forward to working with my peers in a different capacity, which will provide us opportunities to learn more about each other and highlight new skills sets, as we set out with a rewarding goal of restoring a home."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RTS Supporters raise over $2,400 in inaugural Hearts Rebuilding Homes Campaign!

Rebuilding Together Seattle wants to send a BIG thank you to our 42 Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors!

Thank you for helping us raise over $2,400 for homeowners in need during the first year of our Campaign. Your funding will help low income homeowners live in warmth, safety, and independence.

In upcoming months, we will touch base with all of you, sharing how we have helped our featured clients in need:

Lisa and Family (White Center)
Lisa is a single mother taking care of her 4-month-old infant and her disabled mother.

Richard (Seatac)
Richard, a WWII Veteran, and his wife are wheelchair bound and in need of accessibility repairs at their home.

Nancy (West Seattle)
Nancy is 81-years-old and legally blind. She lives alone in West Seattle and is in need of major repairs in order to move safely about her home.

Shannon and Gabe (Mountlake Terrace)
Shannon and Gabe have two small children. Their small son has developmental disabilities and their home in Mountlake Terrace is in need of insulation plumbing repairs.


Pam Madden
Mary Herche
Kyle Weeks
Peter Wickstrand
Mary Blazek
Hadley Jensen
Donald Cramer
Dianne Schooler
Marilee W McCorriston
Mary and Gerald Marsh
Joel Ihrie
Nathan Allen
Kristen Kirst
Jim Robenalt
Maryanne Grant
Sue Brush

Susan and Roger Belanich
Kathleen Shepherd
Tom Herche
Janet Thirlby
Mary Hoverson
Eric Schooler
Janet Backus
Robert McIver
Patty Barrington
Kristen Cramer
Arnie Mondloch
Val Gorder
Charlie Foushee
Gayle Roberts
Brooke Sullivan
Anne Quigg
Margie Thirlby
Sarah Ihrie
Erica Strathern
Caitlin McHugh
Andrea Anthony
Celeste Reilly
Jenny Levesque
Zach Oliver & Unadomanda
Ray Loyola
Joe Newland

Tuesday Sponsor Highlight: Howard S. Wright

Rebuilding Together Seattle is excited to welcome back Howard S. Wright for Spring Rebuilding Day 2011! Last year they helped homeowner, Wesley with home repairs and were featured on Komo 4 News!  Check it out on Komo 4's website

Friday, February 11, 2011

4 days left of Hearts Rebuilding Homes!

Valentine's Day is just a few days away, and it's not too late to make a difference!

Join supporters of Rebuilding Together Seattle in making a difference this holiday through Hearts Rebuilding Homes, our newest donation campaign. Please make a donation by Monday morning to ensure your Valentine receives his/her card in time! (Donations received after the 14th will still be credited to the campaign, but cards will be mailed after the holiday.)

Rebuilding Together Seattle thanks the 36 donors who have helped us raise over $1,600 to benefit homeowners in need!

Erica Strathern
Sarah Ihrie
Margie Thirlby
Mary Konrad Weeks
Ashley O'Hagan
Kathleen Kennedy
Zach Oliver &
Nathan Allen
Joel Ihrie
Kristen Kirst
Kristen Cramer
Arnie Mondloch
Val Gorder
Charlie Foushee
Caitlin McHugh
Gayle Roberts
Brooke Sullivan
Andrea Anthony
Jim Robenalt
Pamela Madden
Mary Herche
Maryanne Grant
Sue Brush
Pete Wickstrand
Roger and Susan Belanich
Don Cramer
Marilee McCorriston
Mary Herche

Mary Blazek
Celeste Reilly
Jenny Levesque
Kathleen Sheppard
Hadley Jensen
Loren Hostek
Dianne Schooler

Tom Herche
Kyle Weeks
Mark Myers
Mary & Gerald Marsh
Mary Hoverson
Jan Thirlby

Questions? Please call 206.682.1231 or email

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you, Week 2 donors!

RTS thanks our most recent Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors! Together, RTS supporters have raised over $1,200 to benefit homeowners in need.

Thank you to our most recent donors!

Mary Herche (Development Committee)
Mary Blazek (Former Board Member)
Celeste Reilly (Young Professionals Society)
Jenny Levesque (Young Professionals Society)
Kathleen Sheppard (Supporter)
Hadly Jensen (Supporter)
Loren Hostek (Supporter)
Dianne Schooler (Supporter)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RTS visits CDL Recycle!

RTS Director, Margie Thirlby, and RTS Program & Marketing Manager, Sarah Ihrie, visited with Craig Vierling (CDL Recycle General Manager and former RTS Board Member of 6 years) and Todd Johnson (Account Manager, Cleanscapes) to chat about partnership opportunities with Rebuilding Together Seattle. Craig and Todd gave them the full tour of the CDL Recycle facility.

sorting through a pile of wood products- this guy has talent!

Getting the tour! You can't see it here but Sarah had to
forego her heels for some nice hefty boots!

RTS looks forward to a great partnership with CDL in our ongoing efforts to go green!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Sponsor Highlight: SEARS Heroes at Home

RTS is excited to complete its 4th SEARS Heroes at Home project on Spring Rebuilding Day (April 30th) with a generous grant of $8,000!!

Thank You, SEARS, for helping us assist veterans in need!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

RTS Supporters raise over $1,000 during first week of campaign

Great news for Hearts Rebuilding Homes participants! As of Monday, February 7th, 27 Rebuilding Together Seattle supporters have raised over $1,000 to benefit homeowners in need! CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you to our Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors (as of 2-7-11):

Erica Strathern
Sarah Ihrie
Margie Thirlby
Mary Konrad Weeks
Ashley O'Hagan
Kathleen Kennedy
Zach Oliver &
Nathan Allen
Joel Ihrie
Kristen Kirst
Kristen Cramer
Arnie Mondloch
Val Gorder
Charlie Foushee
Caitlin McHugh
Gayle Roberts
Brooke Sullivan
Andrea Anthony
Jim Robenalt
Pamela Madden
Mary Herche
Maryanne Grant
Sue Brush
Pete Wickstrand
Roger and Susan Belanich
Don Cramer
Marilee McCorriston

To join these donors in making a difference to homeowners in need, please visit:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank you 2010-2011 Annual Appeal Donors!

RTS thanks our 2010-2011 Annual Appeal donors! Thank you for your generosity to our organization, and for making our mission possible.

Lawrence and Maribeth Martin
Brent and Linda Osborne
Richard Johnson
Jim and Deborah Bevier

Jacklin Foushee
Tom and Jodi Kelly
Jill Cunningham
Pam and Ollie Cobb
Thomas and Elizabeth Swanson
Vince and Pam Madden
Georgi and Steve Krom
Merrick Bodmer
Dean Backholm Landscape Design, Inc.
Edean Ihlanfeldt - in honor of Anne Quigg
Steven F. Isaacson
Lea Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Cornell
Marjory A. Burns
Mark Cramer and Trudi Mueller - in honor of Kristen Cramer
Jeffrey and Dina Frank
Art and Sharon Lustig
Michael and Nancy Mariano, Sr.
Lawrence B. Faust
Paul and Debbie Slatt
Susie and George White
Ted and Allison Bickel
Don and Jean Cornell
The LaGuardias
Allison Spielman Advisors - in honor of Kevin and Sharon McCarty
Becky and Charlie Johnson
Donna F. Yates
Jeff Haines
Adam and Aubrey Cornell
Keating Homes
Eric and Kristin Miller
Marsha and Drew Murphy
Heide Felton
Monte Szendre - c/o Wilson Construction Company
James and Rose Flaherty
Bob and Char Shadduck
Celeste Reilly
Audrey S. Hancock
Tim and Paula McMannon
Loren and Traci Raynes
Sarah and Paul Hopkins
Walter H. Johnson
Bud and Korene Schultz
Tracey and Liz Steig
Shirley Mueller
Meteor Solutions, Inc.
Illis Burke
Barbi Nelp
Alan Newstead - in honor of Mary Herche
Gemma Borg
Kathleen Kennedy
Charles Carosella
Richard T. Jones, c/o Jones Orthodontics
David Thirlby, in honor of Margie Thirlby
Larry and Tobey Dickson
Joan Pratt and Lynne Berry
Mary and Tom Herche
Gale Barre
Pete and Karen Wickstrand

Sarah and Joel Ihrie
Margie Thirlby
Alex Hamling
Candace Priestley
Erin Scheopner

It's not too late to participate in the Annual Appeal! We still need your support! You can donate online or mail a check to: 811 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109. Questions? Please call 206.682.1231.

RTS featured in the Vulcan "Year in Review"

RTS thanks Vulcan Inc. for featuring our 2010 Vulcan Rebuilding Day in their 2010 Year in Review!

Check out the story!

Thank you to our newest Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors!

RTS thanks the most recent donors of Hearts Rebuilding Homes. Thank you for your support of our organization and our campaign. Happy Valentine's Day!

Pam Madden, RTS Development Committee
Andrea Anthony, RTS Young Professionals Society
Caitlin McHugh, RTS Young Professionals Society
Gayle Roberts, RTS Board of Directors
Brooke Sullivan, RTS Board of Directors
Jim Robenalt, Volunteer

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Board Member of the Month: Jim Broadlick, Vulcan Inc.

Every first Thursday of the month, RTS will be posting a new blog series- Board Member of the Month- that will include an interview with a Board of Directors member.  We think it's important that the community gets to know who we are here at RTS!

For our first post, we would like to highlight our newest Board Member, Jim Broadlick, Director of Design and Construction at Vulcan Inc.  Jim joined the RTS Board of Directors on January 14th, and the RTS Board and Staff is very excited about Jim's commitment.

“RTS is thrilled to have Jim join our Board," said RTS Director, Margie Thirlby.  "In addition to many years of personal and professional experience in the (home) building industry, Jim shows a great understanding of the RTS mission and works well with our clients and volunteers.  Jim will be a great asset to the Site Preview Team, our programs, and in helping RTS develop new relationships in the Seattle community.”

RTS asked Jim a few questions about his involvement:

How did you first get involved with RTS?

I had the opportunity to work with RTS on a project at the Cascade Peoples Center last summer. It was a collaborative effort between CPC, RTS and Vulcan. CPC provided the opportunity, RTS the framework and guidance and Vulcan provided the materials & labor. We divided the project into two phases. The first was performed by the skilled craftsman working at the new Vulcan developments in SLU. Our contractors were very generous in donating materials and labor to renovate the kitchen, re-caulk the exterior glazing, re-grade runoff away from the building and install a new gravel path. All for this work was completed over a 3 week period leading up to a volunteer day when Vulcan employees could come in on a Saturday and make their contribution to the community center. Eighteen volunteers working with RTS and staff from CPC cleared away brush, built paths, worked on landscaping and painted inside the building. I was very impressed with the way the folks from RTS engaged the community and provided an avenue for our company to make a positive and tangible contribution to the community.

What do you enjoy most about being a board member for RTS?

I’m looking forward to working with a board that has such a diverse background. I expect to find differing views on how to promote and strengthen the position of RTS in the community increase its ability to serve the community and engage volunteers. I look forward finding ways to contribute.

What are your hopes for RTS in the years to come?

The RTS mission is very tangible. It would be hard not to empathize with the people that benefit from the work RTS makes possible. Increasing the number of individuals that have access to RTS services and growing the volunteer base, individual and corporate, would be my primary hope for the organization.

Doing some pre-project warm ups at the Cascade People's Center!

Getting down to business!

Please join us in welcoming Jim on board!! (no pun intended ;)

Thank you to our first 14 Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors!

RTS sends a BIG thank you to our FIRST 14 Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors. Thank you for giving the gift of a safe and healthy home to a homeowner in need!

To join our supporters in giving, please visit:
Hearts Rebuilding Homes - First 14 Donors!

1. Zach Oliver (, RTS Young Professionals Society
2. Margie Thirlby, RTS Staff
3. Sarah Ihrie, RTS Staff
4. Erica Strathern, RTS Staff
5. Joel Ihrie, Volunteer
6. Nathan Allen, Supporter
7. Kristen Kirst, Supporter
8. Kristen Cramer, RTS Board of Directors
9. Arnie Mondloch, RTS Board of Directors
10. Val Gorder, RTS Board of Directors
11. Charlie Foushee, RTS Board of Directors
12. Ashley O'Hagan, Supporter
13. Don Cramer, Supporter
14. Mary Konrad Weeks, Supporter

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Volunteer of the Month: Amy Peltonen

Amy joined RTS as a member of the Young Professionals Society last summer and volunteered at both the first YPS Rebuilding Day in August, and the Warehouse Cleanup later that fall.  Amy has shown great dedication to RTS' mission of helping homeowners in need. At the Honeywell Rebuilding Day las fall, Amy worked one-on-one with a homeowner to help her organize her belongings and get rid of items she didn't need. By the end of the day, Amy had assisted her in clearing out and organizaing her entire living room and bathroom.

Recently, Amy also joined the Site Preview Team. "Amy's willingness to help out whenever and wherever and her positive attitude really stood out to me. When she mentioned her interest in being a part of the RTS team on a regular basis, I immediately agreed that she would be an excellent fit on our Site Preview Team," said Sarah Ihrie, RTS Program and Marketing Manager.

Learn a little bit more about Amy from her interview:

1. Why did you choose to get involved with RTS? How long have you been volunteering with RTS?

I decided to get involved with RTS after seeing coverage of a Rebuilding Day on one of our local news websites. I loved the idea of getting together a group of volunteers to help others in the Seattle area who need help with their homes. Because the home is so important for one's comfort and safety, Rebuilding Days are a great way to make a large, positive, immediate impact in people's lives.

2. What do you enjoy the most about working with our organization?

What I enjoy most is having direct contact with the homeowners we are helping. These are all good people who have ended up in unfortunate situations, so it is very rewarding to hear their stories and to address their home-related concerns.

3. What do your colleagues or other volunteers say about RTS? Why do they want to volunteer their time?

One of the wonderful things about RTS is working with the other volunteers! Being part of the RTS crew is a great way to meet friendly, like-minded professionals and is certainly another motivator for being involved in the organization.

4. What about RTS’ mission are you most drawn to?

I am most drawn to the mission of helping elderly and/or disabled people.

When people get older, research shows that they would rather stay in their homes (versus assisted care facilities) even as they start to experience limitations brought on by chronic disease. With the growing number of seniors, a limited number of assisted care facilities (often with a prohibitive cost) and homeowners' desire to age in place, I am happy to be part of a team that can help low-income seniors stay in their homes.
I feel a personal connection with people who are disabled, as my late brother was disabled and lived with my parents until he was 21. At that age my family helped set him up to live independently in his own home. He felt a huge sense of pride to have his own place! Seeing how much my brother valued his independent living situation makes it all the more meaningful to be a part of RTS as they help low-income disabled people with their homes.

5. Do you have any other comments you’d like to share at this time?

As part of organizing a recent panelist/speaker event on aging, technology and health, I learned a lot about the at-home needs of those with physical and/or mental limitations. Armed with this new knowledge, I asked if I could be a part of the site preview team that would go on the initial home visits of potential work sites. Last week I had a great experience going on my first site preview visit with fellow volunteer Sean Kennedy, where I could see lots of opportunities for home improvements to proactively address the needs of the homeowners. I look forward to doing more site previews and I appreciate RTS giving me the opportunity to contribute in this way!

Amy (left) hard at work at the YPS Rebuilding Day
Thank you for your commitment to RTS, Amy!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Year-Round Program Highlight: Shirley in Wedgwood

The Year-Round Program team is working hard and helping homeowners in need!! Recently, the Assumption Parish gave their time, funds, and energy to an elderly woman in need right in their own neighborhood. 

"On behalf of Anne, Rebuilding Together Seattle and myself, THANK YOU for an amazing day of work!" Tim, an RTS Board Member said to the Assumption volunteers.   "In one day, Shirley has gone from a stove with one working burner, a refrigerator that was half warm, a dishwasher that has been broken for years, a non-existent garbage disposal, a cluttered and dirty kitchen, and a tiny TV to a completely clean and renovated kitchen with all new appliances."

Tim shared his interaction with Shirley: "You all have made such a big difference in her life. She told me she was so excited about today that she couldn’t sleep last night! But now she feels like she “just got her 100,000 mile tune up and is now ready for more miles!” She is such a great woman. She also teared up as I left today saying, “You can’t imagine what this means to me. I don’t know why I deserve all this help but... thank you to all the people at your church.”

Parishioners with homeowner, Shirley

Thank you Assumption Parish!!

Day 1 of Hearts Rebuilding Homes!

February 1st marks the first day of the new 14-Day donation campaign of Rebuilding Together Seattle: Hearts Rebuilding Homes.

Looking for a creative and meaningful Valentine's Day gift idea this year? From February 1st through February 14th, RTS supporters can make a donation to Rebuilding Together Seattle in honor of their loved ones. In return, RTS will mail your Valentine a special card notifying him/her of your donation.

Give the gift of a warm and safe home to a homeowner in need TODAY!The first 14 Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors will be featured on the RTS Blog this week!

Questions? Please visit or email

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday Sponsor Highlight: Concierge Guild of Seattle

RTS is excited to welcome back the Concierge Guild of Seattle for yet another Spring Rebuilding Day project!! We send our congrats out to Richard Petrone, new CGS President and Project Leader for SRD 2011.

Thank you for your continued support, Concierge Guild of Seattle!!