Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Year-Round Program Highlight: Shirley in Wedgwood

The Year-Round Program team is working hard and helping homeowners in need!! Recently, the Assumption Parish gave their time, funds, and energy to an elderly woman in need right in their own neighborhood. 

"On behalf of Anne, Rebuilding Together Seattle and myself, THANK YOU for an amazing day of work!" Tim, an RTS Board Member said to the Assumption volunteers.   "In one day, Shirley has gone from a stove with one working burner, a refrigerator that was half warm, a dishwasher that has been broken for years, a non-existent garbage disposal, a cluttered and dirty kitchen, and a tiny TV to a completely clean and renovated kitchen with all new appliances."

Tim shared his interaction with Shirley: "You all have made such a big difference in her life. She told me she was so excited about today that she couldn’t sleep last night! But now she feels like she “just got her 100,000 mile tune up and is now ready for more miles!” She is such a great woman. She also teared up as I left today saying, “You can’t imagine what this means to me. I don’t know why I deserve all this help but... thank you to all the people at your church.”

Parishioners with homeowner, Shirley

Thank you Assumption Parish!!

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