Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New SRD Sponsor (Tuesday Sponsor Highlight): The CWD Group, Inc.

Rebuilding Together Seattle is excited to announce a new Spring Rebuilding Day sponsor:

"The CWD Group has long looked for an organization and an event into which we can put volunteer energies," said Marshall Johnson, President and CEO of The CWD Group.  "After working with large communities and Boards of Directors, with Rebuilding Together Seattle we can focus our efforts and talents on assisting individuals. The opportunity to make a difference and see the impact of our efforts was a strong draw to our team, and we look forward to helping to further Rebuilding Together Seattle’s goal of independent living for Seattle’s disabled and elderly."

"Many people want to be involved in charitable activities that benefit those less-fortunate, but they’re unsure about the opportunities available," said Project Manager, Ryan Abeo. "I appreciate RTS as an organization for making it easy to step up and participate in something purposeful."

With a company of talented individuals whose focus is inspiring and building successful communities, it was important to balance the utilization of our skill sets in both professional and volunteer outlets to give back to our local communities," Sarah Anderson, Project Coordinator, emphasized.  "I am looking forward to working with my peers in a different capacity, which will provide us opportunities to learn more about each other and highlight new skills sets, as we set out with a rewarding goal of restoring a home."

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