Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank you to our first 14 Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors!

RTS sends a BIG thank you to our FIRST 14 Hearts Rebuilding Homes donors. Thank you for giving the gift of a safe and healthy home to a homeowner in need!

To join our supporters in giving, please visit:
Hearts Rebuilding Homes - First 14 Donors!

1. Zach Oliver (, RTS Young Professionals Society
2. Margie Thirlby, RTS Staff
3. Sarah Ihrie, RTS Staff
4. Erica Strathern, RTS Staff
5. Joel Ihrie, Volunteer
6. Nathan Allen, Supporter
7. Kristen Kirst, Supporter
8. Kristen Cramer, RTS Board of Directors
9. Arnie Mondloch, RTS Board of Directors
10. Val Gorder, RTS Board of Directors
11. Charlie Foushee, RTS Board of Directors
12. Ashley O'Hagan, Supporter
13. Don Cramer, Supporter
14. Mary Konrad Weeks, Supporter

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