Friday, April 25, 2014

Stratos to rebuild home for family living in Rainier Valley

On Saturday, roughly 30 volunteers from Stratos Product Development will restore the De Jesus family's home in Rainier Valley. This will be the second year that Stratos will serve as one of our top sponsors on Spring Rebuilding Day, and we are so excited to have them back for another year. Stratos is planning to complete a very transformational project for the De Jesus Family, so be sure to check back for photos after the project.

Ernesto and his wife, Perpetua, live with their 2 kids at their home in the Hillman City neighborhood of Rainier Valley. Ernesto is a Polio survivor, and becuase of this has quite a few health problems including limited use of his limbs. He is confined to a wheel chair but the family has been without a ramp in their home, so some distant family members have to come carry him in  and out of the house when he needs to go to doctor's appointments. Perpetua is a nurse but has been unable to work after tearing her ACL trying to catch a falling patient. Their daughter has special needs and their son is just finishing high school.

The De Jesus Family
Volunteers will be installing a ramp that goes from the front porch to the driveway (Ernesto is just thrilled about this), repairing broken boards on the front porch, putting in new kitchen counters, installing a new gas range and refrigerator, repairing the damaged ceiling after a bad roof leak, completing yard work, and removing graffiti from the front fence.

Ernestor and his family are so happy to have the work done, they have said they feel truly blessed to be a part of Spring Rebuilding Day this year. Stratos volunteers will also be joined by volunteers from Exxel Pacific General Contractors, who will be lending their construction expertise. Thank you to both groups for your support of the De Jesus family!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wells Fargo to repair home for disabled adults in North Seattle

We are so excited to have Wells Fargo join us as a top sponsor on Spring Rebuilding Day for another year! Wells Fargo has been involved with Rebuilding Together Seattle for more than 15 years and we are so grateful  for their continued support. Last year, they restored the home of Kim, a single mom in Columbia City. We were all so touched by Kim's story and the transformation of her home that took place last year that we have featured photos from her project year round this year. Thanks, Wells Fargo, for making such a difference for Kim and her family.

This Saturday, 30 local Wells Fargo volunteers will repair the home of several disabled adults in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of North Seattle. The home is owned and operated by Parkview Services, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable, stable, and accessible housing for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Parkview Services operates 52 houses around the Seattle area and many of the residents they serve have lived in their home for the majority of their lives.

Volunteers will be repairing and making updates in the kitchen, installing handrails throughout the home, spreading gravel in the driveway, completing yard work and installing a walkway in the yard to make it more accessible.

Stay tuned for photos from this project once it is completed. Thank you, Wells Fargo, for helping an amazing nonprofit like Parkview Services!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Booz Allen Hamilton to restore home of a female veteran in White Center

On Saturday, roughly 60 volunteers from Booz Allen Hamilton will be rebuild Marcie's home in White Center. Booz Allen Hamilton has been a supporter of Rebuilding Together Seattle for more than 10 years, and we are so please to have their continued support this Spring Rebuilding Day!

Booz Allen Volunteers on Spring Rebuilding Day 2013

Marcie, 65, is a Navy Veteran who lives alone in her West Seattle area home. She suffers from a type of seizure disorder and herniated discs in her back that prevent her from keeping up with her aging home, built in 1948. 

Volunteers will be power washing the house and driveway, securing the perimeter fence, demoing and rebuilding the back deck, painting the interior, replacing carpeting in the living areas, installing new appliances, repairing broken windows, and completing lots of yard work for Marcie. Booz Allen volunteers will also be joined by employees of the Gates Foundation for the project on Saturday, to introduce them to the work of Rebuilding Together Seattle!

We will be posting many photos from this project after the day, so stay tuned!

Announcing the 2014 Spring Rebuilding Day Photo Contest!

That's right - the Spring Rebuilding Day 2014 Photo Contest is here again! This Saturday, over 1,000 volunteers will restore 25 homes in one day from Lynnwood to Burien. This provides a great opportunity for volunteers to take photos throughout the day to capture the impact of our big event!

The SRD 2014 Photo Contest is open to ALL volunteers. Like last year, the photo contest will have the following five categories:

1. Best Before and After Shot
2. Best Homeowner Photo
3. Best Volunteer Action Shot
4. Best Group Photo
5. Most Random/Miscellaneous/Hilarious


Volunteers may submit up to three submissions per category. Photos must be submitted to Paige Schultz at no later than Wednesday, May 14th to be considered for the contest. Please note that photos may be used in future marketing efforts at RTS.


The winning photos will be announced on Friday, May 16th! The names of our winning photographers will be included and credited in our official blog feature announcing the results. In addition, the winning photographers will each receive a gift certificate to a local spot to recognize their contributions and excellent photography skills!

Questions? Please email or call 206.682.1231. 

Happy photo taking!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Perkins Coie to rebuild home of family in Rainier Valley

For more than 10 years, Perkins Coie has been one of our top sponsors and we are more than thrilled to have them back for another Spring Rebuilding Day! This Saturday, nearly 50 local volunteers from the international law firm will trade suits for work clothes to help the Conde family with critical home repairs in the Brighton neighborhood of Rainier Valley.

Perkins Coie Volunteers - Spring Rebuilding Day 2013

The Conde Family have been living in their Brighton home for the past 24 years. Pacifico, 74, and his wife Francisca are raising their 19 year old son and adopted 9 year old grandson. A few years ago,  Pacifico suffered a back injury that has hindered him from working and completing critical home repairs for his family.

Volunteers will be painting the whole exterior of the home, painting the back deck and building a new walkway from the deck, cleaning and fixing the gutters, cleaning out the family's shed, painting some of the interior rooms, and completing a lot of yard work.

We are excited to post "after" features once the project is completed. The Condes will hardly be able to recognize their home after April 26th! Thank you Perkins Coie for your great support and big hearts helping the Condes get a fresh start on their family home. 

Volunteers at the Perkins Coie site last year

Volunteers at the Perkins Coie site last year

Monday, April 21, 2014

1,000 volunteers to restore 25 homes in one day

Monday April 21, 2014
CONTACT: Margie Thirlby, (206) 992-5512

1,000 volunteers to restore 25 homes in one day
Rebuilding Together Seattle celebrates 24 years of free home repair services

SEATTLE – On Saturday, April 26, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Rebuilding Together Seattle ( will celebrate its annual program event, Spring Rebuilding Day, where roughly 1,000 volunteers will restore 25 homes in one day at no cost to the individuals served, providing more than $500,000 in market value home improvement projects.  With a vision of a safe and healthy home for every person, Rebuilding Together Seattle provides low income homeowners and nonprofit facilities with free critical repairs, modifications, and energy-efficient upgrades. 

Spring Rebuilding Day, also known as National Rebuilding Day, is part of Rebuilding Together’s national effort to preserve affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods through renovation services.  Approximately 160 Rebuilding Together affiliates nationwide will complete 3,000 projects on April 26th with 50,000 volunteers.  Locally, Rebuilding Together Seattle has identified 25 homes in the greater Seattle area, where volunteers will perform a range of repairs to benefit the elderly, disabled, families with children, and veterans in need.

Top sponsor group, Stratos Product Development, will restore the home of Ernesto, a Polio survivor who lives with his wife, adult developmentally-disabled daughter, and high-school-age son (4427 S Graham St, Seattle, WA 98118). Ernesto is in a wheel chair but has been living without a ramp for the last few years, unable to get in and out of his home. Volunteers will be building a ramp and repairing the front porch, installing new kitchen appliances, patching their leaky roof and repairing past water damage, and removing graffiti from their front fence.

Top sponsor group, Greenpoint Technologies, will repair the home of Ruth, a 65-year-old recent widow of a veteran who lives alone in Rainier Beach (9274 52nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118). Volunteers will repair her kitchen that was left in bad shape by a contractor, provide new appliances, replace broken windows, install grab bars in her bathroom, and help with general yard work and clean up.   

More than 50 local organizations and companies are participating through event sponsorships, in-kind donations, and volunteer support, including other top event sponsors: Wells Fargo, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Perkins Coie.

To get more information on Spring Rebuilding Day, including additional sites and addresses, please call the Rebuilding Together Seattle office  at 206 -682 -1231. This event will offer exceptional visuals and homeowner interviews; all media are encouraged to attend.  Best visiting hours for most sites are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.  To discuss site locations, client stories, and media visits on April 26th, please contact Rebuilding Together Seattle Executive Director, Margie Thirlby, at 206-992-5512 (cell).

Rebuilding Together Seattle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to bring volunteers and communities together to help low income homeowners live in warmth, safety and independence.  Rebuilding Together Seattle was established in 1989 and is part of the national Rebuilding Together organization with approximately 168 affiliates nationwide.  To learn more about Rebuilding Together Seattle, please visit or call 206-682-1231.

Spring Rebuilding Day volunteers from PEMCO busy at work (April 2013)

Greenpoint Technologies to repair home of veteran family in Rainier Valley

On Saturday, April 26, more than 80 volunteers will restore the home of Ruth in Rainier Valley. Ruth's husband Vernon, an Air Force Veteran, passed away recently and since then she has had a hard time keeping up with their home. Ruth has been battling diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma for quite some time which makes it hard for her to do any of the work on her own. She and Vernon used to love riding motorcycles together, listening to jazz and blues in Seattle, spending time with their kids, and making pear-wine with fruit from the tree in their yard.

This project will be completed by volunteers from Greenpoint Technologies, a Kirkland-based company that provides luxury interiors for private jets. Greenpoint Technologies has served as one of our top sponsors for the past 5 years and we are so happy to have them back on board once again!

Greenpoint Volunteers - Spring Rebuilding Day 2014

Volunteers will be installing all new kitchen appliances, replacing broken windows, clearing clutter from her basement and first floor, repairing drywall around the front and back entrance ways, fixing rotting molding and trim, installing new light fixtures, and placing grab bars in her bathroom. Ruth has been beyond excited about the upcoming project. During some recent prep work days, Ruth said she couldn't believe the transformation that had already taken place. She counts her self as blessed to be chosen to be a part of Spring Rebuilding Day this year.

There will be many more photos from this project featured in the blog and on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out for pictures of this amazing transformation for both Ruth and her home!

Friday, April 18, 2014

24th Annual Spring Rebuilding Day is almost here!

The 24th Annual Spring Rebuilding Day with Rebuilding Together Seattle is just around the corner! On Saturday, April 26, nearly 1000 volunteers will repair 25 homes around Seattle from Lynwood to Burien. More than 25 local companies have pledged their support for this annual event by providing funding and volunteers to help low income homeowners in need of critical home repair!

Spring Rebuilding Day, also known as National Rebuilding Day, is part of Rebuilding Together’s national effort to preserve affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods through renovation services.  Approximately 170 Rebuilding Together affiliates nationwide will complete 3,000 projects on April 26th with the help of 50,000 volunteers.
A big thank you to all of our sponsors who are making Spring Rebuilding Day possible. Because of you, we are able to keep this annual tradition of giving back to our community alive and well in Seattle!

Thank you to our Spring Rebuilding Day 2014 Sponsors

American Society for Civil Engineers - Seattle Chapter
Assumption Catholic Parish
The Brueske Team
Center for Spiritual Living
The Electric League
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Gonzaga University Alumni
Howard S. Wright
Intellectual Ventures
Junior League of Seattle
KPFF Consulting Engineers
O'Dea High School
PEMCO Insurance
Seattle City Light
Swinerton Builders
Venture Construction
Wright Runstad & Company
Young Professionals Society of Rebuilding Together Seattle

Thank you to everyone that makes Spring Rebuilding Day possible! Stay tuned for photos from this year's projects on the blog and on our Facebook page.