Friday, April 25, 2014

Stratos to rebuild home for family living in Rainier Valley

On Saturday, roughly 30 volunteers from Stratos Product Development will restore the De Jesus family's home in Rainier Valley. This will be the second year that Stratos will serve as one of our top sponsors on Spring Rebuilding Day, and we are so excited to have them back for another year. Stratos is planning to complete a very transformational project for the De Jesus Family, so be sure to check back for photos after the project.

Ernesto and his wife, Perpetua, live with their 2 kids at their home in the Hillman City neighborhood of Rainier Valley. Ernesto is a Polio survivor, and becuase of this has quite a few health problems including limited use of his limbs. He is confined to a wheel chair but the family has been without a ramp in their home, so some distant family members have to come carry him in  and out of the house when he needs to go to doctor's appointments. Perpetua is a nurse but has been unable to work after tearing her ACL trying to catch a falling patient. Their daughter has special needs and their son is just finishing high school.

The De Jesus Family
Volunteers will be installing a ramp that goes from the front porch to the driveway (Ernesto is just thrilled about this), repairing broken boards on the front porch, putting in new kitchen counters, installing a new gas range and refrigerator, repairing the damaged ceiling after a bad roof leak, completing yard work, and removing graffiti from the front fence.

Ernestor and his family are so happy to have the work done, they have said they feel truly blessed to be a part of Spring Rebuilding Day this year. Stratos volunteers will also be joined by volunteers from Exxel Pacific General Contractors, who will be lending their construction expertise. Thank you to both groups for your support of the De Jesus family!

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  1. Thank you, Margie and team, for providing our volunteers such a wonderful opportunity to participate in meaningful community outreach. We had a great day!!