Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wells Fargo to repair home for disabled adults in North Seattle

We are so excited to have Wells Fargo join us as a top sponsor on Spring Rebuilding Day for another year! Wells Fargo has been involved with Rebuilding Together Seattle for more than 15 years and we are so grateful  for their continued support. Last year, they restored the home of Kim, a single mom in Columbia City. We were all so touched by Kim's story and the transformation of her home that took place last year that we have featured photos from her project year round this year. Thanks, Wells Fargo, for making such a difference for Kim and her family.

This Saturday, 30 local Wells Fargo volunteers will repair the home of several disabled adults in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of North Seattle. The home is owned and operated by Parkview Services, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable, stable, and accessible housing for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Parkview Services operates 52 houses around the Seattle area and many of the residents they serve have lived in their home for the majority of their lives.

Volunteers will be repairing and making updates in the kitchen, installing handrails throughout the home, spreading gravel in the driveway, completing yard work and installing a walkway in the yard to make it more accessible.

Stay tuned for photos from this project once it is completed. Thank you, Wells Fargo, for helping an amazing nonprofit like Parkview Services!

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