Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RTS Energizer: Leon Gomez, The Home Depot

The RTS Energizer Award for an outstanding volunteer at the Veteran Rebuilding Day site where The Home Depot employees were helping homeowner Lawrence with numerous repairs to his home goes to Leon Gomez from the Tacoma Home Depot Store.

"Leon played an instrumental role in the organization and implementation of this very complicated project," said The Home Depot Project Manager, Jim Dignam. "Leon pre-walked the job, helped determine what could and could not be done, as well as lead the crews on the day (days) of the event," Jim explained. "Due to the amount of work that was requested (all new flooring, all new cabinets, new countertops and sinks, new paint, ramps, work spaces, drywall repairs, grab bars, vanity and fixtures) as well as the unforeseen problems (faulty foundations and rotten sub-flooring) Leon was on thejob for 4 days."

"Leon's leadership, work ethic and commitment to this project (under trying condition) was spectacular!!"

Project Leader, John Hanks, also nominated Leon for the RTS Energizer award.  "Leon has exhibited much dedication in his work on this project.  He has done everything from previewing the house to procuring materials and pre-fabricating the ramp to going back to finish the cabinets after the event," John said.

Leon, dealing with an unexpected foundation situation,
discovered after ripping up the carpet...

Way to go Leon!! Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm. 

To make a donation to RTS in Leon's honor, please click here to visit our donation website. 

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