Monday, January 3, 2011

Annual Appeal reaches $9,000!

In just one month, Rebuilding Together Seattle supporters have donated over $9,000 to our 2010-2011 Annual Appeal!

Thank you to our most recent donors!

Lawrence and Maribeth Martin
Richard Johnson
Jim and Deborah Bevier Revocable Trust
Jacklin Foushee
Tom and Jodi Kelly
Jill Cunningham
Pam and Ollie Cobb
Thomas and Elizabeth Swanson
Vince and Pam Madden
Georgi and Steve Krom
Merrick Bodmer
Dean Backholm Landscape Design, Inc.
Edean Ihlanfeldt - in honor of Anne Quigg
Steven F. Isaacson
Lea Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Cornell
Marjory A. Burns
Mark Cramer and Trudi Mueller - in honor of Kristen Cramer
Jeffrey and Dina Frank
Art and Sharon Lustig
Michael and Nancy Mariano, Sr.
Lawrence B. Faust
Paul and Debbie Slatt
Susie and George White
Ted and Allison Bickel
Don and Jean Cornell
The LaGuardias
Allison Spielman Advisors - in honor of Kevin and Sharon McCarty
Becky and Charlie Johnson
Donna F. Yates
Jeff Haines
Adam and Aubrey Cornell
Keating Homes
Eric and Kristin Miller
Marsha and Drew Murphy
Heide Felton
Monte Szendre - c/o Wilson Construction Company
James and Rose Flaherty
Bob and Char Shadduck
Celeste Reilly
Audrey S. Hancock
Larry and Tobey Dickson
Joan Pratt and Lynne Berry
Mary and Tom Herche
Gale Barre
Pete and Karen Wickstrand
Sarah and Joel Ihrie
Margie Thirlby
Alex Hamling

Gemma Borg
Alan Newstead

Join others in making a difference! To a make a donation to RTS, please mail a check (made out to "Rebuilding Together Seattle") to: 811 Harrison St, Seattle, 98109) or visit to make a donation online. Thank you for your support!

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