Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Internship Opportunity at RTS!

Rebuilding Together Seattle has a new internship opportunity available at our organization! Please read the information below, and pass this Blog post onto anyone who might be interested in applying for the position!

Rebuilding Together Seattle (www.rtseattle.org) is a nonprofit organization (located in South Lake Union) that provides free home repairs to low income homeowners and nonprofit facilities living from Tukwila to Everett. We serve the elderly, disabled, families with children, and veterans in need. Our mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to help low income homeowners live in warmth, safety, and independence.

Rebuilding Together Seattle has an ongoing Internship Program geared toward current college students (or recent graduates) looking to acquire experience in the nonprofit industry and other relevant fields. The intern is supervised by the RTS Director of Programs, and works on various projects, including Program, Development, Marketing/Social Media, and Outreach related tasks. Over the past three years, Rebuilding Together Seattle has worked with eight student interns who have made outstanding contributions to our organization. The Internship Program enables students to acquire significant experience in the nonprofit industry while greatly enhancing their professional skills, including (but not limited to): writing, reading, communication, project management, and computer skills. RTS Interns are given rewarding and challenging projects, and a chance to interact with hundreds of volunteers, donors, clients, and community leaders each month. Please read below to hear from a few of our former interns about their experiences!

Rebuilding Together Seattle is looking for a new intern who is interested in working at our office starting in late January or early February. Most interns have made a 3-4 month commitment to the organization, while others have extended their internship to a second term. In February, Rebuilding Together Seattle will start preparing for our 22nd Annual Spring Rebuilding Day, our largest program event of the year where over 1,000 volunteers restore approximately 25 homes in one day. The intern will have an opportunity to work with the Director of Programs in helping plan for the event. In addition, Rebuilding Together Seattle will start planning for our annual fundraiser, which will require all hands on deck!

Interested candidates should first review our Internship description, and then email a cover letter and resume to mthirlby@rtseattle.org as soon as possible.



"My internship with RTS was an experience I have found to be invaluable. The Staff at RTS is truly dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere but is serious when it comes to getting work done. I have always marveled at the amount of work such a small team can produce and as an intern, I was given the opportunity to contribute in a way that was meaningful and valued, something that may not happen at a larger organization. I was able to take a leading role in the annual fundraiser, providing me with buckets of experience not only with event planning but with development and fundraising in general. My resume is much stronger from my time at RTS experience and I now have some allies in my job search, great references and great connections. I was also able to reach out to the community and see real work being done in our city, by a great group of volunteers and sponsors. Interning at RTS will provide you with a invaluable skill set and a leg up on the competition when it comes to entering the job market, as well as giving you an experience you can look back on and smile." –Paige

The RTS Internship was a very rewarding experience. It allowed me to gain professional experience and help families in need all at the same time. The RTS Internship has given me experience in many different areas such as communication, marketing, community outreach, administrative support and volunteer coordination. This internship has strengthened my resume immensely and given me so many transferable skills that employers are searching for. I really enjoyed working with Margie and Sarah. They are very nice, helpful, fun and caring people. Margie and Sarah make have created a very professional and fun work environment to be a part of. We are all very productive and able to meet deadlines but are also able have lots of fun while doing so. It is a great office to be a part of. My favorite part about the RTS Internship is that all of the work, coordination and planning that we do goes towards helping families in need. RTS makes such a big difference in the lives of so many families in the Seattle area and I am very proud to say that I was a part of it.” – Evan

"Rebuilding Together Seattle Internship allowed me to have a smooth transition out of college and into the working world. I was privileged to work with a diverse group of people at various levels and gain new experiences. I was given the opportunity to utilize my strengths and expand on my role. I was able to explore research initiatives and generate leads, educate, and expand the organizations brand. Most importantly, it was a humbling experience to work with a team that was passionate for the community. I've learned that work should always be fun and I still believe in that same philosophy." – Shawn

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