Monday, March 25, 2013

Woodinville High School students help residents at Parkview group home

This past Saturday students from Woodinville High School and many of their parents volunteered their time to help make the lives of the residents with developmental disabilities a little easier in their group home.  The two students in charge, Dean and Conner,  worked closely with RTS Board President, Russ Schultz to plan the project.  The group demolished a rotting deck and fence, replaced old carpeting with hard flooring for easier wheelchair movement, touched up paint and completed a lot of yard work.

The volunteers demolished the unsafe and rotting deck...

 And built a safer step for the residents to exit to the yard!

The volunteers replaced old carpeting...

With flooring that is more conducive to wheelchairs.

Volunteers painted the hallways that had been scratched up from wheelchairs

 and gave the residents a nice place to enjoy the outdoors by cleaning up the yard.

Amazing work, volunteers!

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