Friday, September 6, 2013

Volunteer of the Month: Howard Turner!

Howard (left) with program recipient Debbie
This month, Rebuilding Together Seattle is so happy to recognize Howard Turner as our September Volunteer of the Month! How, as he is affectionately known around the RTS office, is a regular volunteer for our Safe at Home Program and has completed more than 10 projects since joining RTS in March. How has become an indispensable member of the Safe at Home Team and we are so excited to have him.

Now, let's hear from How!

How did you get involved with RTS?

I found RTS on the web. I was searching for a variety of volunteer activities to provide a full range of excitement and involvement since leaving the “wage slave” work force. RTS uses my skills as a project/construction manager, an architect, and as a builder. I also am volunteering at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery, training to be a docent at SAM, helping the Center for Nonprofit Success put on their seminars, and getting involved in Futurewise. As I said, I am looking to get a variety of experiences, perhaps with the idea of starting a new “rewired/retired” career. I loved architecture as a career, but am enjoying the slower pace that these volunteer activities bring.

What do you enjoy most about working with our organization?

RTS pulls together a variety of different types of people. The staff are dedicated to running the organization, the other volunteers are all interested in giving back to society in a concrete way, and the clients are humble, thankful, and in need of assistance. The resulting combinations have, for the most part, been personally very rewarding, giving me a varied experience with people from all over the city.

What about the RTS mission are you most drawn to?

I have a strong need to interact with people in a constructive way. By that I mean, with me giving and being appreciated for something uniquely of my own making. That is what made me a great architect, and why I love RTS. I am able to take the assignment from the RTS staff, go out and meet the client, creatively form a solution, organize the materials and other RTS volunteer talent, and then deliver a quality product. I get a huge boost out of this role.

The other, probably even more important outcome, is a happy customer. I know they need what we can give them, and they could probably use 10 times what we are able to give them, but, frankly, I get as much or more out of the exchange than our clients do.

How does have a couple critiques about RTS, namely...."There should be more parties."

                                                   We couldn't agree more, How!
Thank you for all your hard work trying to make RTS a better place to volunteer, and for always putting a smile on our clients' faces. Rebuilding Together Seattle loves you, How!
How (right) at a Safe at Home project.
If you agree with How and think there should be more celebrations with RTS, then please consider  joining us for the annual fundraiser, the 4th Annual Beer & Wine Tasting on October 4th! To read more about the event and to register, visit the event website!

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