Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Center for Spiritual Living named a RTS Ambassador

On Sunday, April 11th, Val Gorder (RTS Board President) and Margie Thirlby (RTS Director) presented the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) with a RTS Ambassador's Award. The Ambassador's Award was created by the RTS Board of Directors as an effort to recognize volunteer and sponsor groups that have demonstrated outstanding contributions to RTS for at least five years.

On Spring Rebuilding Day 2010, The CSL will celebrate its 14th year of partnership with RTS through restoring the United Indians' Youth Home in Crown Hill. The CSL received a unanimous vote from the RTS Board after their nomination to become the first recipient of the Ambassador's Award. "In my two years at RTS, I have never seen more dedicated and hard working group than the CSL," said Margie Thirlby. "Every year, the CSL has the largest turnout of any volunteer group, and they simply go above and beyond with all their projects."

When asked about the CSL's commitment RTS for so many years, Rev. Kathianne Lewis commented: "The Center for Spiritual Living supports Rebuilding Together because it gives our friends and members an opportunity to play together while doing good work in the greater community. Rebuilding Together provides an easy way to make very significant contribution to the communities that we live in. It is rewarding to experience the instant gratification of building, or rebuilding together! Our shared missions mesh well together and empower individuals and communities to work together to making the world a better place."

RTS congratulates CSL on their award, and looks forward for many more years of partnership!

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