Thursday, April 29, 2010

RTS Sponsor receives Association of Washington Business Award

Honeywell (Redmond, WA) recently received an Association of Washington Business Award in the category of Community Service and subcategories of Helping People and Recognizing Volunteerism.

Since Fall Rebuilding Day 2008, Honeywell has sponsored and provided volunteer support for four RTS rebuilding days. Honeywell's support of Rebuilding Together Seattle is just one of their many community service efforts. Honeywell is more than deserving of such recognition!

Gary Ballas, an RTS Board Member and Senior Technical Manager at Honeywell Aerospace, has been instrumental in Honeywell's involvement with Rebuilding Together Seattle: "Community service is never about the recognition one receives in return for one’s efforts, but I am glad that Honeywell can set an example for other companies in Washington," Gary said. "We all enjoy ourselves so much when we volunteer- we are excited about our continued relationship with Rebuilding Together Seattle!"

Thank you, Honeywell, for your generosity!

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