Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet the 2010-2011 YPS Executive Team: Erin Scheopner, Service Chair

Erin Scheopner, Service Chair

1. How did you get involved with YPS? Why did you choose to become a member of YPS?

I am fortunate enough to be a friend and former colleague of Margie. When she had the idea to start a group for young professionals, she contacted me. I was more than happy and eager to get involved as I had already experienced the thrill of a spring rebuild day and am a strong believer in the mission of RTS. It has turned out to be rewarding in so many ways- it is truly a treat and an honor to be connected with RTS.
2. What is your favorite part about YPS?

What I like most is that RTS considers the needs of the homeowners first and foremost, and treats all clients with dignity and respect. With that, RTS pulls together a diverse group of people from the community to help with their mission, which bridges the gap between the client and volunteer, creating a true sense of solidarity rather than charity. It is a unique system that is able to sustain and grow because its roots are in the community.
3. Why do you support Rebuilding Together Seattle?

RTS is a necessary component of our community. The work that RTS does for residents in Seattle allows people from all walks of life who are in need to be empowered.

4. What are your favorite pastimes?

My favorite pastimes include spending time with my family, friends and dog, drinking tea, traveling, going on road trips, listening to music, listening to breakfast with the Beatles, reading, watching movies, watching/playing sports, visiting museums, watching live theatre, volunteering, learning about cultures, reading newspapers/journals, eating, discovering new foods, cooking, and last but not least…laughing.

5. Where do you work? What do you do for a living?

I am an Administrative Assistant in the Missions Office at the Archdiocese of Seattle. Our office educates and raises funds for relief and development programs.

What the RTS Director has to say about Erin:

"Erin has been our most committed YPS member for two years. Erin has a true passion for volunteering and shows genuine enthusiasm at every service project, rain or shine. Erin demonstrates a great understanding of the RTS mission. Erin's ability to lead by example (combined with her passion for service) makes her a perfect fit for the role as YPS Service Chair. This year, Rebuilding Together Seattle decided to make the Service Chair an official part of the YPS Executive Team. We're excited to see where Erin takes YPS with our program!"

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