Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feature project of the week: Eric Kormondy & Team

On Spring Rebuilding Day 2010 Project Leader, Eric Kormondy, and his team tackled a project in South Seattle.  They rebuilt a deck out back, renovated a bathroom and kitchen, and completely demolished an unsafe garage in the backyard.  The homeowner, Betty, is elderly and disabled.  She requires the use of a walker and help from her dauther to get up and down stairs and to and from the rooms of her house. The improvements made by Eric and his team were a tremendous help to Betty and her mobility and safety.

Betty and her daughter, Beverly, both wrote wonderful thank you letters to RTS and to Eric and his team:

April 29, 2010

Dear Volunteers,

I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done. I would like to say without your help and assistance and hard work in making my home a safer environment it would not have been possible. While everyone was working so hard and diligently I felt bad I wasn’t able to help with my health condition that I have.

I have met a lot of volunteers on April 24 and I must say I enjoyed each and every one of you. The volunteers were very nice and courteous and very respectful to me and my family. I noticed after my daughter told me to look at the volunteers and see how all of them had smiles on their faces and how none of them had angry faces. I was glad to see that this world has kind hearted people that really care for others. I must say I saw the caring people at my home April 24 that really impacted my life my home and gave me a safe way of living life and I thank you.

As I gotten more curious as the day went on I decided to go and take a look at the house. I first looked at the kitchen I thought I was going to fall off my walker. I was so shocked to see my kitchen transformed into a beautiful place. Later that night I got up out of bed and I guess I just couldn’t believe all that was fixed so I went to look at my kitchen again to see if I was dreaming. I thank God I wasn’t dreaming . I saw my back patio rebuilt into another master piece then the bathrooms was fixed very nicely and the back yard was cleaned up marvelously as well as the basement and the garage. If I have forgotten anything please forgive me. I never thought it would be possible for me to get help and I thank you again for all you have done.

My daughter (Beverly) started the paper work to try to get me help to fix my home. A friend of Beverly told her about this program Rebuilding Together Seattle from her job 1 year ago. Beverly said “mom I can’t afford to help fix your home but I’m going to try to get you some help to fix your home.” She was very persistent in calling Rebuilding Together Seattle and she also prayed long and hard. God heard her prayers and God sent the volunteers and Rebuilding Together to me. And I thank God for the people that dedicated their whole Saturday weekend to me to help make my home a better place you all are wonderful. Thank you.

I heard my daughter talking to the workers and I heard her say “You all are awesome” and I want the volunteers to know each and every one of you are “Awesome.”

Once again Beverly and I want to thank all the volunteers that helped me in the time of need. I would also like the volunteers to know you will not be forgotten and there will always be a warm place in our hearts for you all. Thank you again and God bless everyone.



April 26, 2010

Dear Rebuilding Together, Sponsors, and Volunteers All,

My name is Beverly, my mother Betty is the person who was chosen to receive your services from Rebuilding Together.

Betty and I want to give a very warm and generous thank you to Rebuilding Together, the sponsors, and the volunteers all that were involved in this project and all that I may have missed that was involved. I apologize to anyone that I may have missed. The project was very successful. Thank you.

I would like to let Rebuilding Together to know that you have an “awesome” and a “wonderful” group of people working with you. I noticed on this day (April 24th) the word of the day was “AWESOME.” I chose that word because everyone was “AWESOME.” The volunteers had happy faces at all times not one person looked like they didn’t want to be there. The volunteers made me feel good because they were very happy, kind and they had a very happy spirit and I love to see that in people. Thank you.

I watch a lot of Extreme Makeover shows – they build a house in 7 days for families that are in need for different reasons. You know Rebuilding Together reminds me of this show. I cry a lot while watching this show because they are doing a lot of wonderful things for different people who are in need for different reasons who can’t afford to fix any problems that may arise in the home.

As the day was ending and everyone was leaving I spoke to Eric trying to fight back all my tears but I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I wasn’t sad but on the inside I was very very happy for my mother and all thr great things that changed her life in 11 to 12 hours. My mother’s home is a lot safer for her, she can sit on her porch without it moving while she walks on it, my mom can put food in her kitchen cabinets without her cabinets falling through from the weak boards, she can finally use her bathroom sinks without seeing rust and she don’t have to watch the drips that seemed to never stop. And when she goes down her stairs I don’t have to worry about her tripping because the carpet is not stapled down, Betty can look in her back yard and not worry about seeing cat coming out an old garage that was ready to fall at any time with a gentle push. THANK YOU … Her home is a lot better place to be and she is loving her home more today.

Betty woke up Sunday and thought she was in someone else’s home because she thought something so “AWESOME” could not have happened to her. I told her I love her and I would do it all over again to help her because she has given to a lot of people and now it’s her turn to receive something good.

I want everyone to know that I thank God for Rebuilding Together, the sponsors and the volunteers all that were involved. I prayed long and hard for my mother to receive help from Rebuilding Together and do you know what we have an “Awesome” God, He answered my prayers.

Betty would like you to know she is in such amazement and awe and she sends here very happy and warm and generous thank you to everyone involved.

Betty and I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and kindness and loyal dedication to finish the work at my mother’s home it was greatly appreciated. Everyone is wonderful and awesome. I want to say thank you again for everything. Thank you.


Beverly and Betty

Volunteers hard at work on Betty's home

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