Monday, June 27, 2011

RTS Energizer: Mike McGee, The CWD Group

Project leaders for The CWD Group, Sarah Anderson and Ryan Abeo, chose Mike McGee as their site's RTS Energizer.
"In our first year, there were many valuable lessons learned in the planning and development, including how to scramble and be flexible in the midst of the multiple projects coordinated that day," Sarah said.  "Mike McGee was willing to do anything to support the success of our team. From the planning stages, Mike inserted himself in the project by providing insight and extra hands to the project managers. As the project day neared, Mike took it upon himself to take a day off of work to pick up all the necessary supplies for the day. He also graciously volunteered to be the runner, and despite our incessant phone calls and never ending new supply lists, he arrived on site with a smile on his face and a peaceful attitude, which set everyone at ease. We are all grateful for Mike's diligence, flexibility, cooperation, and support."
Excellent work, Mike!
Visit our donation page to make a donation in Mike's honor!

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