Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RTS Energizer: Phil Henderson, Honeywell

Project leader for the Honeywell team, Russ Schultz, chose Phil Henderson as their site's RTS Energizer.

"Phil is one of the most capable people I’ve ever worked with. He did an absolutely amazing job completely gutting the bathroom (all the way down to new floor joists) and then leading a small group of volunteers (‘cause you couldn’t fit more than 2 people in the bathroom at a time) to amazingly transform the bathroom," Russ explained.  "Phil worked quickly the Saturday before SRD to gut the bathroom and then worked tirelessly on SRD for more than 12 hours totally re-plumbing the bathroom and then installing new joists, sub flooring, flooring, a shower stall, a vanity and a new toilet. Phil even volunteered to return on Sunday afternoon to ensure that the “new” bathroom was properly trimmed and left in absolutely beautiful condition. In addition to being extremely skilled and talented, Phil has an amazing nature that makes all of the people around him feel valued and an integral part of the team. Without a doubt Phil deserves special mention as the Honeywell SRD Energizer”
Excellent work, Phil!

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