Monday, July 25, 2011

RTS Energizer: Monte Szendre, Center for Spiritual Living

Project leader for the Center for Spiritual Living team, Tim Brincefield, chose Monte Szendre, as their site's RTS Energizer.

"Monte Szendre was the top Energizer of our Center for Spitiual Living team's 15th annual project," Tim explained.  "Monte worked a Friday and 2 Saturdays at the Horace Mann School, doing whatever needed doing from electrical to floors with a great attitude. The 1st Saturday Monte teamed with his son Duane the electrician (who flew in from Wenatchee to work with Monte) to do the electrical work the school needed. Then he arranged for donations of scaffolding and floor scrubber/polishers from United Rentals. Then he took on the task of stripping 40 years of wax and grime from acres of vinyl floors, and when the rest of us were ready to throw in the towel, he rented a Zamboni--and operated it all day-- to get the job done. His team made those floors look like new. Monte's spirit, commitment, and can-do attitude regardless of the challenge made him our top Energizer for 2011."

Excellent work, Monte!

Visit our donation page to make a donation to RTS in Monte's honor!

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