Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tony Ventrella to EmCee RTS Beer & Wine Tasting Fundraiser on September 30th

Rebuilding Together Seattle is pleased to announce our EmCee for our 2nd Annual Beer & Wine Tasting fundraiser (9-30-11): Tony Ventrella!

Let's hear from Tony:

How did you first learn about Rebuilding Together Seattle? What was your first experience with our organization?

I found out about RTS by covering one of their volunteer events at a home in South Park for SounderFC.com. I was very impressed with the number of volunteers and the efficiency of the overall effort.

2. Why do you support the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?

I support Rebuilding Together Seattle because I try to follow something I was taught as a child. “Give something of yourself every chance you get,” was my mother’s advice. Also I really like people and enjoy making people smile whenever I can.

3. What
are you looking forward to through your participation at our event?

I’m looking forward to meeting people I’ve never met and helping spread awareness about the program. I’m also looking forward to hanging our with RTS Executive Director Margie Thirlby, I heard she was really cool..

Tony with his grandchildren, Preston, Emmett, and Edie!

Tony - thank you for your support of our organization! We are excited to work with you this Fall!

Want to join Tony at the Beer &Wine Tasting?

Our invitation to our 2nd Annual Beer and Wine Tasting event on Friday, September 30th at REI (5:00 PM) will be released in upcoming weeks! To add your name to our invite list, please email mthirlby@rtseattle.org and we'll be sure to send you the details. In the meantime, visit http://rtseattle.org/beer_wine.php. Thank you for your support!

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