Saturday, October 8, 2011

Abbott Rebuilding Day, TODAY!

Employees from Abbott Construction are hard at work today in South Seattle at the home of a disabled veteran.  The crew will be replacing a back deck, downing a tree, replacing a toilet, installing grab bars and handrails, fixing concrete steps, electrical, plumbing, and more!!  WOW!   

The dangerous steps to be fixed- first, remove the tree, then remove the root, 
finally lift and straighten steps!

The dilapidated back deck that will be replaced!

Addressing the tree problem


And down she goes... 


Project Leader, Ron, cutting up the downed tree

Now, on to the root problem

Mark, trimming up some bushes

Stay tuned for some great after shots!!

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  1. this is awesome! Thank you, Abbott Construction, for all of your hard work and your generous support of our organization.