Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SRD 2012 Top Sponsor Highlight: Greenpoint Technologies

In an effort to recognize our top Spring Rebuilding Day 2012 Sponsors, Rebuilding Together Seattle is starting a new Blog series! We wanted to share personal feedback from our most dedicated Sponsors about their involvement with our organization (some for over 16 years!). We've asked our supporters why they believe in the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle, and why their volunteers enjoy being a part of the rebuilding day experience!

Our first Spring Rebuilding Day 2012 top sponsor story is with Greenpoint Technologies. We are thrilled to partner with Greenpoint on Spring Rebuilding Day 2012! Greenpoint will be serving as our top sponsor for their third year in a row!

Let's hear from Greenpoint:

  1. How did you first find out about Rebuilding Together Seattle?

An Eastside builder introduced us to the organization. He knew we would enjoy being a part of this type of community event. Greenpoint and the Buccola family have supported it over the years and Debbie Buccola is a past board member.

  1. Why does Greenpoint Technologies support Rebuilding Together Seattle?

The event speaks to our core values of Fun, Integrity, Teamwork, Creativity and Community Service. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in one day. We have a great time helping a family in need while strengthening relationships with coworkers outside of the office. It’s one of our favorite days of the year.

  1. Share a little bit about the rebuilding day experience for your team – what’s it like for your employees/volunteers? What is your favorite part of the day?

This is our 5th house sponsorship. In the morning there is so much to accomplish but with hard work and lots of help it all gets done. It’s tiring and there are many sore muscles the next day. But by the end you truly see the transformation and accomplishments of your labor. Seeing the smiles and tears of joy on the homeowner’s face makes it all worth it.

Our favorite part is watching everyone pitch in; we all do a little bit and a lot of stuff gets done. It’s rewarding leaving the home in better shape and this is the heart of what we do. We love to improve things; we love to build and come together; teamwork is our cornerstone value.

  1. Anything else you’d like to add?

We support many charities and organizations but this is by far our favorite event. In one short day you witness the impact made on a family and their home. It’s the reason we come back every year.

RTS sends a big thanks to Greenpoint for their continued support!

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