Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RTS Energizer: Arnie Mondloch, RTS Board & Staff Rebuilding Day

"Arnie Mondloch deserves the lead Energizer nod on this project due to his support and persistence. I appreciated his willingness to locate a tent and tables, as well as his willingness to arrive early to help set up. In addition, he and co-Energizer Dan Gemme deserve recognition for their persistence in completing the grab bar on the mysterious bathroom wall that seemed to have no studs. Despite reports of contractors trying and failing, these guys figured it out and managed to leave Phyllis with a very sturdy grab bar (and no evidence of the poking around in the process). Unfortunately we missed the picture op of Dan holding himself completely off the ground as a final quality check. Nicely done!" (written by Gary Ballas, Board Member and Project Manager of the Board & Staff RD)

Arnie and Dan working on a project during the Board & Staff RD

Arnie (Right) pictured with another great volunteer, John Hanks (Volunteer of the Year 2011), at last year's BWT

Great job, Arnie!

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