Thursday, January 24, 2013

WA Conservation Corps Helps Out RTS Homeowners

RTS was very excited to have members of the WA Conservation Corps working at two sites on Tuesday and Wednesday, doing what they do best- clearing out invasive species and cleaning up green space!!

The WCC team! Olivia, Chloe, Kerry, Wade, and Brian

Two RTS homeowners were in desparate need of some help on their property.  Contrary to what you might think, unchecked growth of bushes and trees in a persons' yard can lead to safety hazards and compromised health of the home.  Both homes had trees hanging over their roofs and in powerlines, and both needed clearing of pathways leading to and from the entryways to their homes.  The team took care of these projects and so much more! 

Brian describing the action plan for this crazy bush

Olivia at work

Assessing the remaining projects

Chloe getting serious

Thank you, WCC!!

(stay tuned for some amazing before and after photos!)

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