Friday, January 11, 2013

Washington Conservation Corps Will Help 2 Homeowners with Disabilities in West Seattle

Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) is an AmeriCorps program that is through Washington State Department of Ecology.  Conservation Corps members serve year-long terms working closely with the DNR and the City of Redmond.  The members make up crews of 5 that do different conservation projects around the state like removing invasive plant species and building fences to protect trees.  They work 10 hour days, rain or shine.

AmeriCorps members are encouraged to do a service 
project for Martin Luther King Day.  The crew from Washington Conservation Corps has selected Rebuilding Together Seattle as the organization they want to partner with for their MLK service project.

On January 22, they will be helping clear the yard of Gary, who lives in West Seattle.  Gary suffers from Osteoarthritis and is in need of a knee replacement.  He also has elevated blood pressure.  Gary said he was shocked and very happy to hear that he would be getting help with his yard.  He is very grateful for the help from RTS and WCC.

On the 23rd, they will be helping Shelley who lives in Alki.  Shelley just had a hip replacement and lives in her childhood home with her daughter and 2 grandchildren.  Shelley said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" when we told her WCC would be helping out with her yard.

Both Gary and Shelley really wanted help with their yards, so they are great matches for WCC!

Thank you so much Washington Conservation Corps for helping deserving homeowners in Seattle!

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To learn more about the great work WCC does around the state, check out their website:

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