Thursday, July 25, 2013

RTS Thanks Ryan, Swanson and Cleveland for serving as our first Safe at Home Program Sponsor

In August 2010, Rebuilding Together Seattle launched its year-round maintenance program, Safe at Home, in order to better serve clients with critical home repair needs.  Upon the completion of the 2012-2013 fiscal year (June 30), Safe at Home volunteers were able to help 51 families who qualified for the program - 25 more families compared to the previous year and 52% of Rebuilding Together Seattle's total projects for the year.  

The significant growth of the Safe at Home Program was due to multiple factors, including new funding support.  In July 2012, Rebuilding Together Seattle announced our first ever Safe at Home Sponsor, Ryan, Swanson and Cleveland PLLC.  "It was one of our most exciting memories of the year," said Margie Thirlby, RTS Executive Director.  "Ryan Swanson was our organization's first corporate sponsor, and we couldn't have been happier to bring them on as our first official partner of such an important program.  They've witnessed our growth for over 20 years, and truly believe in our ability to serve more homeowners in our community.  This year we were able to help 25 more families through Safe at Home - in short, we are eternally grateful for Ryan Swanson's support!"

Let's hear from Jason Miller (Director of Marketing and Business Development) at Ryan Swanson!

Why does Ryan Swanson support the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?

Service to others and more broadly, to the community is of great importance to both RTS and Ryan Swanson.  Our Credo states how we “recognize our obligations to our families and to the community in which we live and work” and support participation in civic activities by our employees.  We see RTS as an organization that understands the value of this statement and these actions through the care that you provide every day to help homeowners live in warmth, safety and independence. 

Tell us a bit about  Ryan Swanson and your commitment to the community.  What types of organizations do you support, and how does Rebuilding Together Seattle serve as a valuable partner?

Giving back to our community where we live and work is an integral part of Ryan Swanson’s culture. The support of civic activities and the encouragement of the firm’s employees to participate in them is not only a stated tenet of the Firm Credo, it is a part of who we are. We are as dedicated to making our community a better place as we are to providing quality legal services.

Striving to be an active corporate citizen through the participation and support of firm management, attorneys and staff is what makes Ryan Swanson a “human” firm.  Teaming with RTS and others in the community where we live and work exemplifies our corporate presence as a caring and giving company.  This is a benefit we value greatly.

Our firm’s focus on supporting organizations and people in our local community who are determined to make a difference makes RTS a great partner within our charitable activities.  Nearly all of our charitable giving is the result of personal involvement, be it from an organization which the referring employee supports financially or with his or her time.  RTS has, for years, always been close to the heart of our employees and an organization that is enjoyable, fulfilling and easy to partner with.

Why did Ryan Swanson choose to participate as (the first) Safe at Home Program Sponsor?

Ryan Swanson was the first corporate sponsor for Rebuilding Together Seattle (Christmas in April) and has seen the positive impact of our continuing sponsorship for both the community and our organization.  It is a privilege and natural course for us to be the first Safe at Home Program Sponsor as Rebuilding Together Seattle changes with the times and supports those in need.  

What is Ryan Swanson’s hope for Rebuilding Together Seattle in years to come?

Ryan Swanson hopes are that Rebuilding Together Seattle continues to focus on the needs of the community one family at a time.  It is that focus which has the greatest impact for those families and the reward of knowing that we can make a difference in our own community.  

Thank you, Ryan Swanson, for another fantastic year of partnership!

To learn about how you or your company can become a Safe at Home Sponsor, please contact Margie Thirlby at

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