Friday, March 4, 2011

Board Member of the Month: Russ Schultz, Honeywell

This month, we are highlighting Russ Schultz, Maintenance Services Director at Honeywell Aerospace. Russ has been on a number of Honeywell rebuilding days before being asked to join the RTS Board of Directors last year.
Russ (lower left), constructing stairs on Honeywell Rebuilding Day in fall of 2010

Russ installing a bathroom fan at the Honeywell site on Spring Rebuilding Day 2010

“We are so happy that Russ joined our Board," RTS Executive Director, Margie Thirlby said.  "Russ’s positive energy, leadership, time, and overall support to our Staff has been truly valuable to our organization. Russ has played a key role in continuing Rebuilding Together Seattle’s partnership with Honeywell, and we are excited for Russ to lead the Honeywell Spring Rebuilding Day 2011 Project in April."

RTS asked Russ a few questions about his involvement:

1.  When did you first get involved with RTS?

I first got involved with RTS a couple of years ago. Honeywell has worked with Rebuilding Together for quite a number of years and I decided that I wanted to join one of their sponsored rebuilding projects. It was a blast! Fellow Honeywell employee (at the time) and board member Gary Ballas did an outstanding job managing the project. We accomplished far more in one day than I would have thought possible and the reaction from the homeowner was priceless. Beginning with that project I was hooked! About a year and couple more projects later Gary asked if I would consider joining the Board of Directors for RTS. After praying and considering this further I really felt that I was led to step up my involvement in this way and have really enjoyed being on the Board.

2.  What do you enjoy most about being a board member for RTS? 

 I particularly enjoy interacting with a diverse group of people that are all passionate about a common goal: helping people. The excitement and passion (and compassion for the people we help) is readily evident in all interactions, from board meetings to fundraisers.

3.  What are your hopes for RTS in the years to come?

My hope is that as we continue to grow, enabling us to help many many more people, we do so without losing the personal touch and deep compassion that exists today. This is a very special Board, a talented and outstanding staff and a great mission. I’m very excited about our growth and the great future in front of us.

A few photos of Russ helping out on Honeywell rebuilding days in 2009:

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