Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New SRD Sponsor (Tuesday Sponsor Highlight): Wright Runstad & Company

Rebuilding Together Seattle is excited to announce a new Spring Rebuilding Day sponsor, Wright Runstad & Company!

"We are pleased to join forces with Rebuilding Together Seattle in 2011 and show our support of their goals and programs to improve the living conditions of low income homeowners and non-profit facilities," President Greg Johnson said.  "It will be a wonderful opportunity for our talented employees to use their skills for the benefit of someone in need of assistance."

"We welcome the opportunity to support the efforts of Rebuilding Together Seattle in helping to improve the quality of home living for a low income homeowner," said RTS Project Manager and WRC Director of Engineering, Jeff Kasowski. "We will bring a talented group of people together with a strong skill set for these types of projects and look forward to creating a safer, healthier living environment for someone in the program."

RTS Volunteer Coordinater and Office Manager for WRC, Corliss Perdaems, is also excited for Spring Rebuilding Day.  "We are always looking for opportunities to give back to the community and to create opportunities for our employees to work together as a team outside of their normal work environment," she said.  "Rebuilding Together Seattle answers both of these goals for us. Employees were quick to sign up and are looking forward to assisting a homeowner on the Spring Rebuilding Day 2011."

Welcome Aboard, Wright Runstad & Company!

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