Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet the RTS handy helpers!

RTS Supporters - meet the newest members of the RTS Staff: Tonka & Lucy!

About Tonka (pictured above; left):

At just over 6 months, Tonka still has the puppy charm to win over just about anyone. Tonka was welcomed into Sarah Ihrie's (RTS Program & Marketing Manager) home in October 2010 after Sarah and her husband, Joel, met a new litter of Yellow Lab puppies. Soon after, Tonka became a regular at the RTS Office. Tonka is known for proving lots of entertainment to his friends (including recycling bin diving and paper shredding) and bringing smiles to the faces of our volunteers.

About Lucy (pictured above; right):

In early September, Margie Thirlby (RTS Executive Director) journied to Port Orchard, WA, to meet a rescue dog she identified on Taking a leap of faith, Margie brought Lucy (a speculated Black Lab/Whippet mix) home to Seattle and shortly after, brought her to the RTS Office. Just over one year old, Lucy is a great office buddy - sweet, well-mannered, and sometimes a bit of a guard dog. Lucy and Tonka are best friends and play "Gladiator" and "Nap" for most of the day.

Please stop by the RTS Office to meet Tonka &Lucy anytime! Woof!

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