Thursday, August 4, 2011

Board Member of the Month: Tim Lane

Tim has been involved with RTS for many years and is a great contributor to the Board of Directors. Tim has a perpetual smile on his face and his sense of humor keeps everyone in a good mood.

“RTS is truly lucky to have Tim on our Board," says RTS Director, Margie Thirlby. "Tim is one of our most fun and positive volunteers. He raises excellent questions and contributes great ideas for RTS, which have been particularly helpful as we work through Strategic Planning for the next three years. Tim has also helped continue great partnerships for RTS, including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Assumption Catholic Church (Seattle). Tim is a team player and his energy for the RTS mission is contagious!"

RTS's favorite photo of Tim (right)

1. How did you first get involved with RTS?

I signed up for a couple Spring Rebuilding Day projects years ago through my engineering organization, the American Society of Civil Engineers. That was rewarding but the clincher for me was a week of work in 2006 in Biloxi, Mississippi for Katrina hurricane victims. Rebuilding Together assembled people from all over the nation to come together and start rebuilding homes. It was there that I fully realized the potential of the organization and experienced first hand how grateful the homeowners were for our hard work. It was a very rewarding “Work hard, play hard” week - the kind I like!

2. What do you enjoy most about being a board member for RTS?

It’s fun to work with such highly motivated people that have a passion for helping others. We have board members from various backgrounds and that results in thoughtful and energetic discussions regarding the future of Rebuilding Together Seattle. It’s a privilege to hang with these folks and contribute to the overall objectives.

3. What are your hopes for RTS in the years to come?

My hope is that the group continues to grow and when I mention “Rebuilding Together” to my friends, they instantly recognize the group and know what we do for others. I feel RT Seattle is on the brink of some phenomenal growth, thanks to our top notch staff that is securing some big name sponsors for our work. The next couple years are going to be amazing for RT Seattle!

4. What are the chances that Ohio State beats Michigan once again this year?

As sure as RT Seattle will continue to do great work. (Ha, you can’t argue with that one, Margie!)

Margie's response: "Tim, how's Jim Tressel doing these days?"

Working hard at Rebuilding Together National conference in Las Vegas
(RTS's second favorite photo of Tim)
Tim with RTS staff at conference

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