Monday, August 20, 2012

RTS Energizer: Turner Construction, Turner Rebuilding Day!

Typically we ask our Project Mangers to choose one volunteer who went above and beyond the call of duty on a Team Build project to feature as the "RTS Energizer!". However, Erick Cruz, of Turner Construction simply could not bring himself to choose just one person.  Instead of featuring one RTS Energizer, he would like to highlight the work of the entire Turner Construction team who gave up their Saturday to help out the Masaniai Family.

Turner Construction and the Masaniai Family

     "This year I could not give the Energizer award to just a single person - the entire Turner team displayed tremendous effort. Everyone that joined us to help out at the Masaniai family deserves to be recognized, and we could not have accomplished our goal to help out the Masaniai family without each member of the rebuilding team. From arriving early to staying hours past the work day, from enduring the scorching sun to the chilling dampness of the basement, and from giving up personal time on one of the most beautiful days of the year, our crew went above and beyond. Each volunteer could have spent Saturday working on their own home or out on a hike or out on a lake enjoying the limited amount of sun we get, but instead they selflessly spent the day rebuilding Seattle together. It's been a privilege working with this team and with the Masaniai family." (written by Erick Cruz, Project Manager of the Turner Rebuilding Day)

Great work, Turner Construction Company!

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