Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 2 Recap: Lowe's, Carter's Kids, and RT!

Yesterday Rebuilding Together Seattle completed our major South Beacon Hill Community Revitalization (two day) event with Lowe's and Carter's Kids.  Toward the end of the day, a group of Lowe's volunteers walked past a neighbor's home that was in need of some help in the yard.  Within minutes, the volunteers were pulling weeds and sprucing up the yard!  Rebuilding Together Seattle was amazed by the kind and relentless efforts of the Lowe's volunteers, and thrilled to help another homeowner that day!

At 1:00 PM, volunteers gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony, in which representatives from Lowe's, Carter's Kids (Carter Oosterhouse and Amy Smart!), Tiny Tots, Rebuilding Together National, and Rebuilding Together Seattle spoke about the success of the event.  Volunteers were also joined by Uriel Ybarra (representing Patty Murray) and Representative Bob Hasegawa, a Beacon Hill native.

Prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony, Lowe's volunteers gave the little playground participants their own work outfit, including a mini apron, handy tools, safety goggles, and toys!  When Carter Oosterhouse gave the kids the go ahead to play, the little tikes wore their outfits with pride!

 RTS Executive Director, Margie Thirlby, gathers with Amy Smart (L) and Carter Oosterhouse (R) at the brand new playground!

Rebuilding Together Seattle sends a special thanks to our volunteer Project Managers (Richard, Eric, Mike, Ryan, and Morgan) for their countless efforts planning the five house projects, and to the Rebuilding Together South Sound Staff for supporting our event on both days!

For event photos, videos, and other features, please remember to check out the RTS Facebook page!

Check out the before and after of Tiny Tots' new playground!


Photos taken by Dana Questad (pictured above) and Margie Thirlby

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