Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amazing help from Wing Luke Elementary's Custodian, Peter!

In August of this year, RTS partnered with Lowe's and Carter's Kids to help 5 homeowners in South Beacon Hill and build a new playground.  There were over 100 volunteers that helped make such an amazing event possible!

The playground was built outside of the Tiny Tots at Wing Luke Elementary School.  The custodian from Wing Luke, Peter Pham, went above and beyond for RTS Staff every single day (from event preparation to execution).  Peter definitely deserves to be recognized as a RTS Energizer.  Besides being very friendly and welcoming, he was always willing to help us with whatever we needed and he was so excited that the kids would be able to play on a nice, new playground!  Peter arrived early and stayed late to make sure everything was going smoothly.  Whenever there was a delivery that needed to be made, Peter was there to unlock the doors of the school and help unload the truck.

We cannot say enough about Peter and how much he helped out with this project!

Peter showing off his new RTS t-shirt!

Thank you, Peter! We couldn't have done it without you!

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