Monday, October 15, 2012

SCL reveals home improvements to homeowner, Carolyn!

88 year old Carolyn spent the day at her neighbors' house while busy volunteers from Seattle City Light and McKinstry worked to improve her home. At the end of the day they set up a small ribbon cutting ceremony and ate cake to celebrate all that was achieved! Carolyn was overwhelmed with emotion as she walked through her home, often having to take a break to shed tears of happiness. She said over and over again to the volunteers, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all have made it possible for me to stay in my home!"

Well done, volunteers!

Project Manager, Bernie (left) and Volunteer Coordinator, John (right)

John picks up Carolyn from the neighbors' house

Carolyn cuts the ribbon!

Volunteers gather to welcome Carolyn to her new and improved home

Carolyn in shock after seeing her yard through the kitchen window

Cutting the cake to serve to volunteers

Carolyn's niece and daughter help serve cake to the volunteers as a "thank you"

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