Friday, October 5, 2012

October 4th: CBRE Rebuilding Day and a touching story of homeownership

CBRE volunteers break at lunch to take a group photo!

Volunteers from CBRE went above and beyond to improve the home of our client, Kelli, at yesterday's Rebuilding Day. Kelli's home has tremendous sentimental value as it was passed down to her from her mother who passed away from cancer. Her mother prided herself on being the first homeowner in the family and put a great deal of time into caring for her home. Kelli insists: 

"Not only does living in a safe, comfortable home set a great example to my children; it has set a great example to me!" 

Unintentionally, yesterday's project occurred not only on Kelli's birthday but also on the anniversary of her mother's passing.  Kelli and her sister spoke about how proud their mother would be of their new and improved home, and how this day was truly meant to be. From now on, October 4th will have a positive connotation for Kelli's family due to the work of RTS and CBRE Cares!


Thank you, CBRE CARES!

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