Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet the RTS Summer Interns! (Sam, Jinhee, and Jaclyn)

Rebuilding Together Seattle is grateful to have three fantastic interns who joined our team this Summer: Sam Shugart, Jinhee Hur, and Jaclyn Rudd. In addition to processing applications, interviewing clients, planning for rebuilding days, conducting outreach, and helping coordinate the annual fundraiser, they are always positive and fun to be around.  We are excited to have Sam, Jinhee, and Jaclyn (along with Stephanie, who joined us in May) support RTS as we begin our new fiscal year.

Let's get to know these fantastic individuals!


How did you first hear about Rebuilding Together Seattle?

I first heard about Rebuilding Together Seattle through a list of local developmental aid organizations on  After talking with a friend in the non-profit sector and doing online research myself I became very interested in the organization and applied for an internship.  

Why do you support the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?

I believe that everyone should try to leave the world and the society they live in a little bit better off than they found it.  RTS is doing an amazing job helping connect volunteers and donors who are willing to give their time to help out in their local communities. A home is one the most critical things a person can have.  Having comfort and security is one of the building blocks of our lives and RTS helps people accomplish this.  


What are you looking forward to the most, in regard to your internship with our organization?

RTS is an amazing organization that I am really looking forward to being part of.  I love being part of a team and having the opportunity to do something good for others.  I want to learn the skills that help me make a difference in the future no matter where I go while improving the world around me. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.  What do you like to do outside of work?

Currently I am studying International Relations at Lewis and Clark College in Portland and am back home on Vashon, Washington for the summer.  I love to study global affairs and constantly read news sites, blogs and books about politics.  I am very interested in community development and international relations and hope to find a job where I can combine my interests.  I also work with the Council on American Islamic Relations and I am always interested in learning how people are making a difference in society.



How did you first hear about Rebuilding Together Seattle?

I first heard about Rebuilding Together Seattle from Seung Lee, a family friend of mine who also had an internship at RTS. While I was still in South Korea, she occasionally talked about her roles at RTS. Soon, I came back to the US, and I recalled what Seung had told me, so I visited the website and became more interested in this organization after learning more about what it does for the community.

Why do you believe in the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?

Since the 2008 economic downturn, I have seen many of my family’s friends’ houses being foreclosed on and have seen many of these people evicted from their homes. I cannot say that I fully understand how they feel, but I do understand that they are going through very hard times. I believe the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle can serve as a great support for low-income homeowners who have been hit by the recession. I believe that making their homes a little bit more independent, warmer, and safer during this economic situation will definitely benefit them. Moreover, the mission of RTS is also great in that it provides opportunities for community members to give something back to their community by supporting those in need.

What are you looking forward to the most in your internship at RTS?

This is my first internship, and I have already learned so many valuable lessons. The spirit the board and staff members, volunteers and donors bring into this organization has impacted me tremendously. The enthusiasm and pride I see in these people for what they do to support the community really impresses me, and I have begun to think seriously about pursuing a career with NGOs. I am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given and excited to learn more about how NGOs actually operate.

Tell us a bit about yourself—what do you like to do outside of work/RTS?

Recently, I came back from South Korea after studying there for a year as an exchange student. It feels really great to be back because I had been yearning for my family, friends, and, last but not least, the rainy but beautiful Seattle weather. When school is in session, I am pretty a big nerd.  I spend most of my time studying for lectures but also attend music concerts and visit zoos on the weekends. When school is out, I usually go camping and travel around the Northwest. I feel so blessed to be living in a place surrounded by wonderful natural scenery!



How did you first hear about Rebuilding Together Seattle?

I have always been interested in the nonprofit sector, and after talking with my brother, who is a friend of Margie Thirlby (RTS Executive Director), I heard about RTS and the great things that Margie and the staff were doing to improve the homes and lives of many people in need throughout the Seattle area.

Why do you believe in the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?

The mission of RTS is focused on helping people have a safe and healthy home, which I think every person has a right to. Having just met the staff, I can already tell that they are extremely motivated and passionate about the mission of RTS.  It is easy to be motivated by the goals and mission of RTS because you know that you are going to have a strong and lasting impact on someone.

What are you looking forward to the most with your internship at RTS?
I am looking forward to a lot during this internship! It will be rewarding to see different parts of RTS, including the various programs, volunteer activities, outreach, and development. One of my main focuses will be helping to plan and organize for the annual fundraiser in October, and it will be exciting to learn about all the work that goes on in putting together an event like this. Working with the homeowners and seeing the effect that RTS has on their living conditions will be probably one of the most fulfilling parts of this internship.

Tell us a bit about yourself - what do you like to do outside of work/RTS?
Outside of work, I am a really active person. I enjoy playing on various soccer teams, running through different parts of Seattle, and hiking nearby. I like going to Sounders games, going out to eat, and watching TV, as well as reading or doing puzzles when I have free time.

What a wonderful group of interns! Thank you for your support of our mission.

To learn more about the RTS Internship Program and how you can apply, please email

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