Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet the Staff: Stephanie Pietromonaco (Intern)

 Stephanie (R) with her sister, Michelle (L), going zip-lining in New Zealand in January!

On April 29th, RTS welcomed Stephanie Pietromonaco as our newest Program and Development Intern.  We are thrilled to have Stephanie join our team!

Let's get to know Stephanie:

1. How did you first hear about Rebuilding Together Seattle?
I first heard about Rebuilding Together Seattle from my friend, Kristen Kirst (Senior Director of Development at Seattle University), who had wonderful things to say about Margie Thirlby, the Executive Director of RTS. I was meeting with Kristen because I wanted to get into the non-profit sector in Seattle, and she suggested I speak with Margie about a position here. Next, I went online and was quite impressed by the organization.

2. Why do you support the mission of Rebuilding Together Seattle?
How could someone not support the mission at RTS? Everyone deserves to live in warmth, safety, and independence. Having volunteered previously with Habitat for Humanity and on other building projects, I understand how rewarding it is to work on someone’s home and know that your labor means that they will be warm and safe that night. I am happy to know that my work at RTS will lead toward more people living in comfort and security.

3.  What are you looking forward to the most, in regard to your internship with our organization?
There is so much to look forward to as an intern at RTS.  I’m excited to work with homeowners, volunteers, and donors, along with the amazing Staff. I have lots to learn about the workings of a non-profit, and I’m hoping to find my niche. My number one incentive, however, is the positive effect my work every day will have on the lives others.

4.  Tell us a bit about yourself.  What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of RTS, I lead a very busy life.  I love to travel and returned earlier this year from living in New Zealand. My family is thrilled to have me back, especially in time for two of my sisters to have babies. I enjoy most sports and am currently participating on a volleyball team, about to join a softball team, and plan to volunteer with Outdoors for All in their rock climbing program. I read a lot and spend as much time as possible outside. 

Thank you, Stephanie!  We are so happy to have you at RTS and look forward to witnessing the impact you have within our community.

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