Friday, May 24, 2013

RTS Energizer: Ryan Hunter, WSGR (SRD 2013)

This Spring Rebuilding Day, WSGR completed many repairs for residents living in a group home in Greenwood. Project Leader Patti Lane nominated Ryan Hunter as this year's Energizer.

Ryan (left) spent most of the day putting in the new walk-in shower
About Ryan:
"Ryan took an active role early in the project by working with Rosen Plumbing Supply to secure a donated ADA shower and trim. In addition, Ryan worked prior to the rebuild day on determining a plan for the fencing. When it came to the rebuild day, Ryan was one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. His work in helping Kelly with the shower project was instrumental in increasing the usability of the facility for the house residents. The plumbing project included demolition and removal of a 350# cast iron tub, demolition of the existing wall finishes, alterations to the drain assembly for adaptation to the ADA walk in shower, installation of new water feeds and assembly of new fiberfab shower surround. When the plumbing was on hold for a parts run, Ryan jumped in on the fence project and dug up and removed galvanized steel posts buried in the earth with a significant amount of concrete on the bases. Ryan helped set a tone for the rebuild day with his relentless work ethic and positive attitude. Thanks Ryan." (written by Project Leader, Patti Lane)

Way to go, Ryan!

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