Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RTS Energizer: Carl Ueland, Gonzaga (SRD 2013)

This year volunteers from the Gonzaga Alumni Association helped disabled homeowner, Diane, in Loyal Heights. Arnie Mondloch and Brooke Sullivan (Project Leaders and RTS Board Members) chose Carl Ueland as the RTS Energizer!

Carl hard at work, as always!
About Carl:

"Carl is a dedicated volunteer to RTS and the Gonzaga project, as he has not only participated in the annual SRD projects Gonzaga sponsors, he also is an RTS Safe At Home volunteer. For this year’s project, Carl took point for all of the handy-man tasks, including installing new interior and exterior light fixtures and a kitchen fan, among other tasks. As usual with these types of tasks, finding parts that fit the location was a challenge – and even required Carl to spend time researching, finding and ordering a part online! However, Carl really stepped up when it became clear that the wheelchair ramp would not be able to be completed on SRD Saturday. Without hesitation, Carl volunteered to return to the site the following day and even recruited a friend to come help. While significant progress was made, the ramp was still not completed as the sun set Sunday, so Carl volunteered again to return to the site the following Saturday and with Carl’s energetic push, the ramp was completed." (written by Project Manager, Arnie Mondloch) 

Fantastic job, Carl!

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