Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Local vet receives help from KeyBank volunteers tomorrow!

RTS is happy to announce a new partnership with KeyBank starting with their first project tomorrow! 40 volunteers from KeyBank will be helping Marcia, a single mother of twins living in Northeast Seattle.

Marcia is a Navy vet who suffered several injuries during her time in the service. In addition to injuries, Marcia suffers from medical conditions that also limit the amount of work she can do at her home. Her twin sons were born as micro-preemies, but aside from a few related health conditions, she tells us they are active and lively young boys.

The volunteers will help build a fence for safety in the backyard, complete her unfinished deck, re-paint the kitchen cabinets, and several other tasks for Marcia and her family.

Marcia is in need of a fence for safety and security
Volunteers will finish building the deck in Marcia's backyard
Stay tuned tomorrow for live project updates and photos!

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