Friday, May 31, 2013

RTS Energizer: Anne Ducey, Seattle City Light (SRD 2013)

This Spring Rebuilding Day, volunteers from Seattle City Light helped disabled homeowner, Victoria, and her family with critical home repairs. Project Managers, Danielle Bricker and John Gustafson, chose Anne Ducey as the RTS Energizer!

Anne (center) with the entire yard crew!
"Anne Ducey is our "Energizer" on this years RTS Project! This is Anne's second year as a Team Leader on the yard crew. She is such an enthusiastic Team member, her smile and energy are contagious. Even after her official 'retirement' from City Light this past year- Anne came back to RTS to make a difference in the life of Victoria and her family. She tackles these tough projects with valuable insight, as one of her favorite past times is working in her own yard at home and is a member of Master Gardner's Association.

This year Anne tackled mountains of blackberries vines, piles of debris, mounds of bricks and loads of soil to create lovely flower beds and a useable outdoor living space for the family, as well as made the surroundings of the home a safer, cleaner place for children to grow up.

Cheers to you, Anne Ducey! And thank you for being the 'Energizer" for our Rebuilding Together Seattle team this year!" (written by Project Manager, Danielle Bricker)

Anne showing Victoria the backyard during the big reveal at the end of the day

Thank you, Anne!

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