Monday, May 20, 2013

RTS Energizer: Arnie Marcus, Center for Spiritual Living (SRD 2013)

As part of Spring Rebuilding Day 2013, one of our top sponsors, Center for Spiritual Living, completed two projects with over 80 volunteers. Project Manager, Tim Brincefield, chose Ms. Arnie Marcus as their RTS Energizer!

About Arnie:
"The Center for Spiritual Living’s 2013 Energizer is Ms. Arnie Marcus, a joy and inspiration who’s been fueling our participation for 17 years with her boundless love, energy and enthusiasm.  Arnie ALWAYS has a smile on her face and is a source of joy, love, and inspiration to us all, whether she’s driving a 5 ton dump truck, wielding a pickaxe to clear dirt and sod and otherwise helping build a new driveway, all of which she did this year.  Wise in years but young at heart, Arnie brought the truck we needed at 7:30 am and didn’t leave in it until everything was done and the last of our CSL team left the 2nd of our two Parkview Services adult group home job sites at 6:30 pm Saturday evening.  Here’s to marvelous Arnie Marcus, our Energizer on Spring Rebuilding Day and every day!" (written by Project Manager, Tim Brincefield)
Arnie (right)

Great work, Arnie!


  1. In the dictionary of people the definition of Arnie is Awesome and Amazing!

  2. We love you, Arnie!! xoxo, Olivia

  3. Oh Arnikins, you are a gift to this world and to all who know you! We love you.
    Great choice Tim!