Wednesday, May 1, 2013

VOLUNTEERS of the Month: SRD 2013 Project Leaders!

The RTS office wants to acknowledge all of the hardworking Project Leaders who helped make Spring Rebuilding Day go off without a hitch! Our clients are always shocked to hear that Project Managers and Volunteer Coordinators are volunteering their time to help them.  Each of these individuals spent countless hours planning and organizing in order to make their project as impactful as possible. And we can say with confidence that each of you were successful in that endeavor; it is truly amazing to see what was accomplished in one day.
Our 2013 Spring Rebuilding Day Project Leaders:

Ross French
Jessica Aguilar
Arnie Mondloch
Brooke Sullivan
Ken Kummerow
Andrea Johnson
Joe Black
Karen Fuller
Kiersta Smith
Alan Chun
Ellis Beckwith
Danielle Bricker
John Gustafson
Matthew Dunn
Chrissy Glaister
Rebecca Dawson
Kelly Lems
Julie Brandsness
Jessica Roper
Joe Newland
Mark Dederer
Kristine Bruketta
Richard Petrone
Veronika Smith-Archiapatti
Michelle Holst
Tim Lane
Ed Ball
Matt Coldwell
Tim Brincefield
Kathi White
Mark Hall
Anna Gordon
Dave Thomas
Joanna Boisen
Russ Schultz
Scott Wilson
Mark Kim
Roshele Allison
Laura Fowler
Brian Bruce
Rhonda Vanderford
Susan Walters
Randy Rademaker
John Edwards
John Hanks
Melinda Dumadag
Jeff Kasowski
Garrit Pillie
Pat Cabe
Patti Lane

A job well done to all involved!

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