Monday, June 3, 2013

RTS Energizer: BLynn Bly, Pemco Insurance (SRD 2013)

This Spring Rebuilding Day, volunteers from Pemco Insurance helped out a family of four living in Rainier Beach.  All of the volunteers did a wonderful job making the home safer and more livable for the family.  Project Leaders Rhonda Vanderford and Susan Walters selected BLynn Bly as the RTS Energizer for the day.

BLynn (right)

About BLynn:

"BLynn has volunteered for our projects the past few years. She’s always willing to help. This year she made sure we had received all the volunteer waivers, she picked up coffee for the project, and she help direct other volunteers with the yard work all the while working hard herself with a great attitude and smile on her face. Thanks BLynn!" (written by Project Manager, Rhonda Vanderford)

BLynn (right)

Great work, BLynn!

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