Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RTS Energizer: Mike Breysse and Jon Baker, Assumption Parish (SRD 2013)

This Spring Rebuilding Day, volunteers from Assumption Parish did some amazing work at Pesha's house. They demolished an unsafe carport and garage, completed many electrical repairs, installed a new fridge and much more. There were so many great volunteers that Project Leader, Tim Lane, couldn't select just one Energizer, so he chose Mike Breysse and Jon Baker. "These two guys were pivotal in the success of this year’s RTS project," says Tim.

About Mike:

"Mike participated in all three Saturday’s of home repairs; he couldn’t get enough! He not only procured a lot of materials (all of the heavy stuff) but also became familiar with Puget Sound Home Depot stores as he finally located the elusive high-rise toilet after searching through three Home Depot stores and getting lots of bum tips as to its whereabouts. Mike was also our safety expert and kept all the volunteers safe after a day of demolition with a backhoe. Thanks Mike, you made the job a lot easier!" (written by Project Manager,Tim Lane)

About Jon: 

"Jon has been helping Rebuilding Together for years and of course, once again he was ready willing and able! A licensed electrician, he came in awfully handy when the main electrical meter to the house was ready to fall off the house and cut power to the whole house (I think that’s called a power drop). Anyway, Jon secured the electrical permit, performed the repairs, and worked with the inspector for the buyoff – all requiring multiple visits to the house. Jon you are pure gold – thank you!" (written byTim Lane)

Great work Jon and Mike!

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