Thursday, June 13, 2013

RTS thanks Claire Oatey for two years of service to our organization

This Friday, our Program Associate, Claire Oatey, will depart from Rebuilding Together Seattle after working at RTS for two years.  Claire joined RTS in June 2011 after graduating from Whitman College.  After completing an internship with RTS for four months, Claire became a Program Assistant, and then served as the Interim Director of Programs for three months.  Claire then became a Program Associate, coordinating outreach efforts and key rebuilding days for major sponsors. 

What RTS has to say about Claire:

"Claire has been an instrumental member of our team from day one.  Claire is beyond talented and a treat to work with.  Claire always has a good attitude, looks for ways to improve her work, and is willing to roll up her sleeves and do whatever it takes to better RTS.  Claire is known as the 'steady calm' of our office, working through challenges with grace, patience, humility, and professionalism. 

Claire has a big passion for working with our clients and better understanding their needs, which has kept us grounded as we navigate through our programs.  This year, Claire played a key role in developing a comprehensive client survey that will enable us to critically evaluate the effectiveness of our programs, and better serve our community.  In short, Claire will be sincerely missed by our Staff, Board, and the entire RTS community.  We truly wish her the best of luck on her future endeavors and (of course) hope she'll return back to RTS one day!" -Margie Thirlby, Executive Director

What Claire has to say about RTS:

"Although I am excited for my upcoming travel adventures and the next chapter in my life, it will be incredibly sad to leave this organization.  It amazes me to think back to my first day at RTS two years ago, without a clue that my summer internship would eventually lead to such a meaningful and significant milestone in my career and life.  There are so many aspects of RTS that I will miss but at the top of my list, without a doubt, is witnessing transformations.  I am a sucker for those shocking before and after photos—the kitchen upgrades, the bathroom overhaul, the fresh coat of paint.  More powerful than any of that, however, is witnessing the total transformation of a person’s spirit.  I love noticing when a homeowner stands a little straighter, breathes a bit easier, and smiles more freely.  

It will also be nearly impossible to say goodbye to the RTS community.  It’s a special one—as anyone knows who has been a part of it as an employee, volunteer, Board member, or donor. I will be hard pressed to find better colleagues than Margie, Caleb, Jeni, or Paige!  There is never a dull moment at the RTS office with this team (and not just because we have office dogs).  The goodbyes will be made a little easier knowing that RTS will always be a part of my life. I can’t wait for Rebuilding Together Seattle to become a household name in our community and I look forward to continuing to tell the RTS story until that day comes."

Thank you, Claire, for all of your service to RTS.  We wish you the best of luck on your journey ahead and will always cheer you on as you continue to make the world a better place!

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