Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rebuilding Together's Affiliates and Partners Respond to Natural Disaster in Tennessee

WASHINGTON, DC - Due to the unprecedented flooding in Tennessee recently, low-income homeowners have been disproportionately impacted by the devastation. Not only are their homes and personal belongings destroyed, but often they lack the resources and insurance to rebuild once the crisis is past. Rebuilding Together, the nation's leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership, will be there once the flood waters have receeded. In the coming days and months, local Tennessee based Rebuilding Together affiliates will be assisted by the national office to carry out critical relief efforts.

The flash flooding that has recently wreaked havoc and disaster in Tennessee, most specifically in the areas stretching from Nashville to Western Tennessee, has greatly impacted countless neighborhoods. The National Office of Rebuilding Together has launched initial outreach to the two Rebuilding Together affiliates in Tennessee - Rebuilding Together Nashville and Rebuilding Together Sparta/White County. Thousands of low-income homeowners were immediately impacted by the natural disaster and will require clean-up, rebuilding and preservation assistance from Rebuilding Together.

"Rebuilding Together's National Office has recognized the urgency of this situation and will direct every effort necessary to help our affiliates access as many resources as possible so that they may assist low-income homeowners who have been adversely affected by this natural disaster," said Gary A. Officer, President and CEO of Rebuilding Together. "As a leading housing organization, we know how critical appropriate response time is needed in the wake of natural disasters - we are willing and able to help homeowners who have experienced great loss as a result of the flooding."

In addition to providing resources and assistance to its Tennessee affiliates, Rebuilding Together is also proactively inviting the public and corporate sponsors to donate to the rebuilding needs of the impacted communities. They intend to raise a continued awareness for this area to ensure that a long-term recovery plan is created and carried out.

Rebuilding Together Nashville has been an affiliate of Rebuilding Together for 16 years and has completed 107 homes with the help of over 3,508 volunteers since its original inception. They have been greatly involved with rebuilding projects in the neighborhoods that have been most affected by the recent floods.

Rebuilding Together also plans to collaborate with its latest national partner, PLAN!T NOW, a severe storm preparedness non-profit co-founded by Morgan Freeman, to provide educational and other supportive resources.

To learn more about Rebuilding Together and its work to assist low-income homeowners, visit their website at www.rebuildingtogether.org.

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