Thursday, May 6, 2010

RTS Energizer: Leo Finnegan (Gonzaga Alumni)

The Gonzaga Alumni Association sponsored a house in Bothell helping disabled homeowner, Steve, with plumbing and new window installment.  Project Leader (and member of the RTS Board of Directors), Arnie Mondloch, chose Leo Finnegan as their RTS Energizer.

Homeowner, Steve, with RTS Energizer, Leo

"Leo was the most dedicated volunteer! Not only did Leo work on the project all day on the “official” build day, he also dedicated the Saturday the weekend BEFORE the build day to get a head start on the window replacement project and was the first to volunteer for the Saturday AFTER the build day to finish up on the window replacement project!," Arnie said.  "Leo stepped up to the call and showed up first thing Saturday morning the following week to finish the project. Together he and I drove the last nail into the trim on the last window at 2:00 pm that day…and he was still smiling!"

Most of Leo’s children attended Gonzaga, including his daughter Patty, who also volunteered for the project on April 24th along with Leo. As a loyal Gonzaga alumni, Leo responded to the call for volunteers for the Gonzaga Alumni Association Community Service Project.

"If it wasn’t for Leo’s dedication, the window replacement project would STILL be unfinished, but because of his efforts, we have another highly satisfied homeowner!" Arnie emphasized.

Great work, Leo!!

To make a donation to Rebuilding Together Seattle in Leo's honor, please visit our donation website!


  1. Congratulations, Leo! The choice was EASY!

  2. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that thinks what Leo did was amazing. I have no doubt that Steve appreciates all the plumbing and window replacement work that everyone volunteered to do for him in his condition. Congrats everyone on such a wonderful accomplishment!