Monday, May 10, 2010

RTS Energizer: Ferdinand Baricevic (Assumption Parish & Premiere Builders NW)

Assumption Parish and Premiere Builders NW sponsored a project at a house in Shoreline, making improvements to the home of a disabled mother and daughter, including installing flooring in the daughter's room that is seizure-safe. Project Leaders (and RTS Board members), Tim Lane and Anne Quigg, chose Ferdinand Baricevic as their RTS Energizer.

"Ferd" was chosen for his tireless effort to ‘git ‘er dun’ over this multi-week project. "Ferd made Home Depot runs, engaged the services of the Knights of Columbus men’s group from Assumption, utilized his skills (especially his ladderless mudding and taping that comes in handy with a 6’-6” frame), consulted with others with his excellent overall home repair knowledge, picked up cabinets from the far reaches of the city and put in long hours throughout the project,"  Tim said.  "We are indebted to him for his array of talents."

Thank you, Ferd!

To make a donation to Rebuilding Together Seattle in Ferdinand's honor, please visit our donation website!

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